Loyal dog comforts and refuses to leave sick dad’s side in the hospital until the very end

A loyal dog didn’t leave the hospital where his dad was until the very end. Benny, the loyal dog, showed everyone that dogs are certainly man’s best friends by comforting him as much as he could.

Benny was rescued during Hurricane Harvey and Scott Ballenger adopted him. The first time Benny and Scott met, they quickly liked each other and developed a special bond. They did everything together and were the best of friends.

Ballenger before he got admitted in the hospital
Alexis Nazarino

Benny and Ballenger had a great time together and made lots of beautiful memories. This made the dog hold on to them and look after his dad until he died. “Benny was unsure of men and we don’t know his background, but he loved my dad and heard his car coming even before mom did after work,” said Ballenger’s daughter, Alexis Nazarino.

Benny in the hospital
Alexis Nazarino

While Benny was enjoying his life with a loving dad, Ballenger developed a serious medical condition that required him to be admitted in the hospital. Confused Benny hardly understood what was happening until Ballenger’s family took him to the hospital where he saw his sick dad.

“Benny would sniff his head and face but was really unsure what was going on. He would sit with dad for a few minutes here and there,” Nazarino said.

Benny won't leave the hospital
Alexis Nazarino

Though Benny was confused at first, he eventually figured out what his dad was going through. His desire to comfort and look after his sick dad made Benny stay by Ballenger’s side until the end.

The dog sat next to his dad all day, cuddling him or snuggling his arm. Sadly, Ballenger passed away the next day, leaving his family and Benny in tears.

Benny and Ballenger spend wonderful times together for a year and a half and they have lots of good memories that Benny can hold on to. Though death separated the two of them, Ballenger’s family knows that their hearts remain connected. Like what Nazarino said, what her dad and their dog had was true love.

Benny looking after his dad in the hospital
Alexis Nazarino

Since Ballenger’s death, Benny had a hard time moving on. He would still look for his dad and cried for him. To help the dog deal with this unfortunate event, Benny’s family showers him with so much love and attention. They believe that by being there for one another, they will get through the grieving and eventually get on with their lives.

Benny will surely miss his dad but his family is grateful that he stayed in the hospital to show his love for his dad for the last time.

Benny comforting his dad at the hospital
Alexis Nazarino

Some may wonder why dogs are very loyal to their owners. Apparently, this is not because of the food and shelter their families provide for them. If the owners give their dogs enough love and time every day, they know how to give them back and most of the time, they do it by protecting their owners and looking after them.

According to researchers, social bonding has a great impact on dogs and they treasure all those pleasurable social experiences with their families. This is why if you have a dog, always shower him with big, heartfelt cuddles.

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