Love Is Poisoned By Toxic Blame

Love doesn’t self-destruct. We choke it with unkind words. We starve it with empty promises. We poison it with toxic blame. We break it by trying to bend it to our will. No, love doesn’t die on its own. We kill it. Breath, by bitter breath. Wise are those who realize that they hold the fate of their love in their hands, and blessed are those who keep it alive. — Unknown

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4 thoughts on “Love Is Poisoned By Toxic Blame”

  1. You ever want to tell someone how you really feel, much you really love the ….like no one ever before. How much they consume a great deal of your mental space; & there’s nowhere in the world you’d be is w/ them! But you can never express that because they think they’ve already have you pegged from you lashing out from your frustration. Yeah ….that’s me. Just wanted to share that, even though I prefer to share in private.

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