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Little kid’s TV weather report has a 100% chance of making your day

The six-year-old Carden Corts from Nashville, Tennessee was given a school project – to deliver a weather forecast on video. Carden is a kindergarten student from Waverly Belmont Elementary School.

Carden’s dad, Charlie Corts, was happy (and excited) to help his son with this project; especially that he is the head of operations for a digital video network in Nashville named Rated Red.

Carden’s uncle,Tommy, posted the finished video on Reddit, where it has received a lot of reactions. Of course, being a proud dad, Charlie posted the video on YouTube, too, where it was viewed for more than a million times – you have to see it for yourself to find out why.

The adorable kindergarten won the hearts of many for his cuteness and, well, his amazing acting skills.

Carden nailed every reaction to a hurricane (where they used a leaf blower), tornado, snow, and not just spring, but “Spring Break!” Tennessean has interviewed both Carden and his dad where Carden said that he loved the part where he was dancing.

Charlie said that it only took 10 minutes to shoot Carden’s video. In an interview with The Washington Post, he also said that he just told the six-year old what he needs to say and let the kid have fun with it. Carden personally asked his dad if he could ‘shake his booty’ on the video.

Carden’s blazer was lent by Charlie’s female co-workers to help the kindergarten to look a bit professional in his video.

Charlie said that one of the things he loved about the video is that it shows his son’s personality.

The proud dad said “He has always been a very spirited child and, you know, he’s a 6-year-old. He’s silly,” he said. “He really is a sweet kid.”

According to The Washington Post, Carden has already received offers from both local and national television stations for a future career in broadcasting, but the child isn’t sure yet what he wants to be when he grows up. For now, Carden’s interests involve playing basketball and Pokémon Cards.

Charlie said that every student in his son’s class was assigned to give the forecast for every day in the month of March.

He just wanted Carden’s class to be amused by the video and thought their friends and family would find it funny, that’s why he posted it on YouTube. He didn’t expect the video to become this popular.

“As long as Carden’s happy and having a good time with it — I think it’s been great for us,” Charlie said.

Carden lives with his dad, his mom Abby, and his two younger brothers Eli and Parker, a three-year old and a two-year old, respectively.

In this day and age when saddening news about global warming circulates everyday, it truly is a breath of fresh air to see Carden delivering weather reports in his own fun and unique way.

There were so many positive reactions to the video, some people are asking for Carden to deliver the weather forecast everyday, some are even saying that the video was the best and cutest weather report they have ever seen:

Video Source: Charlie Corts

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.