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Five kids take homeless pup to shelter after rescuing it from roadside

It is amazing how beneath the petite and small frames of children, there is a huge beautiful heart hiding inside. If there is one thing that children could teach us, it is how despite their young age, they are capable of showing compassion to other people around them.

Today, five children from Arusha, Northern Tanzania prove to the world how they were able to make a difference through their heartwarming sweetness and kindness.

Goodluck, Casbert, Caren, Princes, and Kenny are five children who are not only students but animal lovers as well. The five kids were simply on their way home from school when they stumbled on a helpless puppy fending for itself by the side of the road.

Knowing that the puppy could be in danger of getting hit by a speeding car, the kids picked the puppy up and took him along.

It is amazing how the puppy sensed that the kids meant good, the scared puppy wagged and swayed his tail in happiness and excitement, sensing that help has finally come.

Since the puppy was very friendly and playful towards the five kids, they have decided to bring him home. However as soon as they brought the subject upon their parents’ approval, they were turned down.

Although they wanted to keep Jack, the name they gave the lone puppy, they couldn’t go against their parents’ will. In addition, their conscience won’t let them leave Jack alone and defenseless. Not knowing what they should do, the five kids brought Jack to another young animal rescuer, Ismael Mungaya.

The 21-year old Ismael Mungaya operates a small animal rescue shelter out of his parents’ abode in Arusha. The small shelter started when Ismael was just 19-years old. According to the young man, his first dog was a stray dog called Tina who had recently given birth to 4 pups.

“I felt very sad for her,” Mungaya recalled in an interview. “I took them [Tina and her puppies] home where I built a small box to cover them from the rain, and I continued to feed them.”

Ever since that fateful encounter, Ismael has been bringing stray and abused dogs home. In fact, in his first year of being a dog rescuer alone, he was able to save over 30 dogs.

Usually, Ismael only accommodates about 6 dogs at a time, this is due to the fact that his shelter is small in size. In fact, the day that the five children reached out for his help, his shelter is already at its full capacity. However, since the young dog rescuer could see how much they care for Jack, his heart simply melted. He couldn’t say no to the kids and took the five puppies altogether.

“These children are my superheroes. After they have spotted this little puppy, his name is Jack, they have decided to bring him to me. A boy who is holding the puppy asked me if I could help taking care. I said yes,” Ismael shared on his Facebook account.

Jack, the rescued pup, is currently recovering at Ismael’s small shelter. Remarkably, Ismael has already vaccinated, neutered, and dewormed Jack. In addition, Jack gets to eat plenty of food to satisfy his tummy.

According to Ismael, he is planning to look for the right home that will be able to take care of Jack in his entire life once the pup is strong enough. For now, Jack is probably on cloud nine as he spends his day with other rescued puppies named, Oreo and Daisy. As per the young dog rescuer, the three pups love to play and cuddle with one another.

The five admirable children also visit Jack as often as they can. In fact, the kids enjoy playing with the puppy they have rescued and are always asking for an update regarding his wellbeing.

“The kids made me happy,” Ismael shared, stressing how important the kids initiative and persistence were. “Yes, it was difficult as I didn’t have a lot of space in the kennel, but because of their commitment to help Jack… I said, ‘Let me help.’”

Indeed, despite the young age of Goodluck, Casbert, Caren, Princes, Kenny, and even Ismael, they sure have a big heart that never thinks twice when it comes to helping those in need. Without their compassionate hearts, they wouldn’t be able to make a big difference to the life of Jack, the rescued puppy who was saved from the dangers of the roads and streets.

Photos | Ismael Animal Rescue Tanzania

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