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The sweet story behind little girl’s viral ‘Spider-Man’ birthday photos

A little girl’s Spider-Man photoshoot has captured the hearts of thousands on the internet, including those of actors Viola Davis and Michael B. Jordan.

Diamond Jackson, a professional photographer in Montgomery, Alabama, said that her youngest daughter’s love for the Marvel Comics character started during a trip at Target.

“We were literally walking through Target one day and she saw maybe a Spider-Man book bag or a lunchbox,” Jackson said. “We had never watched Spider-Man on TV — she just saw him in the store that day and fell in love with him.”

Demi insisted on wearing an actual Spider-Man costume for her third birthday photoshoot, not just some superhero-inspired dress.

Jackson, a mom of three, said that Demi doesn’t like doing photoshoots. She takes photos of her girls all the time, and Demi is the most difficult one.

But this time, it was different because the kids was actually doing something that she loved.

“So everybody asked me, ‘How did I get her to pose that way?’ Well, it was natural for her because that’s really what she wanted to do. This shoot was really all about her and her love for Spider-Man,” she said.

Demi’s eldest sister, Denver, helped hold the little Spider-Man’s string as she shot her web.

Like most toddlers, Denver said her sister can be a bit of a handful.

“At home, she’s active. She’s always torturing us. She’s very bad. But she’s sweet,” she said.

Jackson got the costume from a local store and altered it so the suit could show Demi’s adorable afro-puffs.

“I really want them to embrace their natural hair,” she explained. “I think it’s important for them to love every part about themselves, and when I say ‘them’ I mean all three of my daughters. It was to the point where I cut my own hair to go natural, to let them know if I can love myself like this, then you can too.”

“I think afros were always kind of big, but long ago it wasn’t,” Denver said. “But I think after the Spider-Man photo, it made a big, big difference and inspired a lot of people.”

Jackson also wanted people to know outright that it was a little girl wearing the costume, not a little boy.

“This was a little girl who loves Spider-Man. She didn’t want to be Spider-Girl. She just loves Spider-Man. And I mean, why not? Spider-Man can be whoever he wants to be under that mask. She wanted the suit, so I had to make that happen,” she said.

Jackson shared Demi’s Spider-Man pictures, which show her overlooking downtown Mobile, Alabama, on her Facebook photography page, Rae’s Bleu Rose Photography, and the post quickly went viral. To date, it has garnered 36,000 likes and 76,000 shares since it was posted on January 15.

Viola Davis shared Demi’s photos on her Instagram, writing, “This is everything!!!” Marvel’s own Michael B. Jordan also shared them on his Instagram stories.

Jackson has had pictures go viral before, but she never anticipated that Demi’s Spider-Man photos would inspire many people. She simply did the photoshoot because the girl loves Spider-Man.

Demi couldn’t stop looking at photos of herself dressed as her favorite character. Jackson said the youngster would often take off with her phone and show the pictures to anyone around.

Jackson thinks these Spider-Man photoshoots could become an annual affair—and the family certainly would have no complaints.

“I mean, at this point the whole family likes Spider-Man!” she said. “We want to take it to the next level every year.”

Jackson’s love for photography started at a young age, but she didn’t really get into the business until after her second daughter was born in 2016. You could show this mom some love and support by following Rae’s Bleu Rose Photography on Facebook.

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