Little girl belts Whitney Houston like a true diva while on a road trip with family

It is usually the youngest child in the family who brings joy to the household, and this little girl who channeled Whitney Houston while on a road trip is a testament to that.

A 2-year-old lass from Sacramento, California named Amelia Pierini recently earned internet fame for her cuteness. Her dad, Ryan, shared a video of his daughter singing a Whitney Houston iconic song, “I Will Always Love You”, and the girl went full diva in her performance!


The whole family was in the car when Ryan’s wife and kids began to sing along to the Whitney classic, so he started to record the whole scenario on video. What the father didn’t expect was that his youngest daughter would be the one stealing the spotlight!


When the moment in the song came where Whitney pauses before she belts out the chorus, everyone fell silent in anticipation. When the silence was finally broken, it was little Amelia who belted out the song with the greatest enthusiasm!

In the comfort of her car seat, Amelia showed her whole family how it’s done. As Ryan couldn’t help but laugh behind the camera, Amelia sucked in a big breath and belted out the chorus with all her heart – and body!


With a scrunched up face, Amelia stretched out her arms and legs while showing the entire car the performance of a lifetime – we bet even Whitney herself would be proud! The most hilarious part was not how she sang the ballad, but how the girl seemed so committed and serious in performing the song.

Ryan shared the video on Instagram and as expected, it became an instant hit. The clip has been viewed 2 million times in a span of 24 hours – clearly, everyone couldn’t get enough of this little diva!


Amelia’s performance of this song is proof that people – no matter what age – will always love Whitney Houston’s songs. Her music has such staying power, that even the younger generations find themselves singing to her hits.

It looks like the Pierini family has a future entertainer within their midst! Watch video below.

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