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Little dog is overjoyed that his family remembered his ‘birthday’ with a surprise party

Meet Odin, a dog in Mexico who is small in every way but is big at expressing his feelings, especially when he’s happy.

While his owners shower him with love every single day, they recently gave the pup more reason to smile. They threw him a surprise “birthday” party!

Joyce Cetina and her family adopted Odin three years ago. Since his arrival, the dog has proven to his owners every single day that they made the right choice taking him in.

A family with their tiny dog

Photo by Joyce Cetina

“He’s a very faithful companion. He loves to hug and play,” Joyce told The Dodo.

As Odin’s birthday approached earlier this month, the Cetina family decided to go a bit extra this year to celebrate it. They threw the pup a surprise party to let him know how much they appreciate him.

And they did a pretty good job because Odin was really surprised. The dog was touched that they remembered his special day!

A tiny dog wearing a party hat with a cake in front of him

Photo by Joyce Cetina

The Cetinas ordered a dog-friendly cake and hung up decorations. Then they brought Odin out to see the surprise.

“At first, he was a little confused. He didn’t understand what it was all about,” Joyce said of the dog’s reaction. “Then he saw the attention was focused on him, and the cake was for him. He was very happy.”

Of course, every birthday needs a “Happy Birthday” song, and Odin’s was no exception. His family sang to him before Odin eagerly devoured his cake!

“He loved it,” Joyce said.

A tiny dog eating a cake

Photo by Joyce Cetina

The Cetinas also gave Odin several presents, which he also enjoyed. Still, the dog’s favorite gift was the many kisses and hugs he got from his family that day.

For his owners, a dog like Odin deserves nothing less.

Odin’s “birthday” is actually the anniversary of the day they adopted him – the day when they received the greatest gift of their lives.

“Of course, Odin is loved and pampered all year round,” Joyce said. “But for us, this is an important day because it’s the day he came into our lives. He makes us very happy.”

Here’s a video of little Odin lapping up his special cake on his big day.

And speaking of birthdays, here’s another dog who got his own surprise birthday party during his 13th birthday.

As Bailey sat in front of his cake, his entire family gathered around him to sing him a happy birthday. The dog looked so excited and kept shuffling around in his chair. He kept glancing back and forth at his owners and his cake, obviously eager to take a bite from the dessert.

Aside from that treat, Bailey also got a hotdog chew toy as a gift, which he also loved.

Seeing the look on his face, it was clear that this surprise party made this senior dog very happy!

Here’s a video of Bailey’s birthday celebration.

Surprise parties and unlimited kisses, hugs, and playtime are nothing less than our pets deserve! These dogs are truly fortunate to have owners who do everything they can to make them feel loved.

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