Cat knows exactly what to do when he sees little boy having a meltdown

We all need a friend to lean on – a companion who truly understands us and who serves as our support through life’s ups and downs. In this story, a little boy has a unique friendship with their pet cat.

Jayden Denton is lucky to have found such a friend in the form of a gray cat named Kitty.

Tonya Denton

Jayden is a boy with special needs, and he’s prone to feeling overwhelmed at times. Whenever this happens, he sometimes goes through sensory meltdowns which makes it difficult for him to relate to other people.

Tonya Denton, Jayden’s mom, told The Dodo“My son has sensory processing disorder and other issues. When he gets overloaded or doesn’t understand, he has outbursts of crying and is inconsolable.”

That is until a new family member came into their lives.

Tonya Denton

Their rescue cat Kitty seems like a typical feline – playful, curious, and at times, rebellious. But Tonya soon discovered another side of Kitty that was exceptional.

As it turns out, the cat is exactly the relief that Jayden needed when he feels overwhelmed. Instead of shying away from Jayden when his emotions are at its peak, Kitty does the total opposite.

“We started seeing Kitty always running over to him during breakdowns. During his breakdowns, Kitty licks his head until he gets Jayden to calm down. This has been the only way to calm Jayden,” Tonya said.

Recently, Jayden’s mom had this touching moment recorded on video.


The clip shows the incredible moment the cat was able to console Jayden. With Kitty nearby, the boy – who was clearly upset – started hitting a cushion on the floor with his fists. Afterwards, Jayden stuffed his face into the pillow and began screaming into it.

Kitty looked concerned and sniffed his owner’s head, examining what was happening to him. After a few moments, the cat began licking Jayden’s head and amazingly, the screaming and meltdown stopped! The boy immediately calmed down and started petting the cat.


Jayden’s family tried everything they could to comfort the boy during these times, but none of their methods ever worked.

“This cat has changed everything. To see their bond, as his mother, is not just amazing, but special to see such a crazy cat come to him in his times of need,” Tonya said.

Tonya Denton

It was as if fate led Kitty to be with the Denton family so he could help out with Jayden’s challenging condition.

The cat’s presence in their lives is not only beneficial during these stressful times. Simply having Kitty around makes Jayden feel less alone in a world that could easily make him feel isolated.

“Kitty makes my son happy, and it’s like they understand each other. It’s just a happy feeling knowing my son has a best friend,” Tonya said.

Check out the video HERE and see Kitty work his magic!

We’re glad that these two best friends found their way into each other’s lives. Clearly, they were meant to be together, and there’s nothing like knowing that you have someone in your life that completely understands you – no matter what.

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