12 thoughts on “Learning To Love Yourself”

  1. How can anyone share that of which you are portion of? constantly sitting at home deaden the senses, lots of walks, observation of nature and say pleasant and funny things to others will solve the problem, One word of advice, run like hell whenever someone tells you or try to seduce you into accepting a god who charaterristally is the same as mankind…

  2. Madam, mankind through great fear sumitted to exist in a system of beliefs, on one hand it`s a good thing, on the other hand he keeps failing miserable in realising that a belief is not foundermental and quite often changes, also, beliefs derives from info (seeds planted into the consciousness) that is mostly miss-info, he continues to accept these beliefs as truths and, would defends them to great extent, sometimes he may go further at the expence of others life.. whereas, truth derives from the indvidual experiences which enables him/her to say “I KNOW” and such knowing can never be changed only expanded upon, With referenece to the 90% the meanig is: Mostly what the so-esteemed teaches has no reflection or alignment with my experiences, therefore, I do not allow them nourishment, which means I allow them to pass me by as the wind, I do agree with you that all that is secret will reveal iyself, but that`s periodical, one can live many life times before such revelations…It is with gratitude that I say: Many thanks for your response!

  3. what is the truth to others and what is it to myself is a long stretch of one to the other.And i do HATE to agree with that statement of 90% as just wind.I do and have always beleaved the what is spoken into the airways will be heard. TRUTH or not.

  4. I cant find what im looking for in the 4 walls I sit in every day,so thank you for sharring god with me.i really think I can make someone happy just by talking and getting my fealings out so every last person can see this… thank you for taking the time to read what I posted—there is a lot more I would like to say–in time—

  5. I alwayys feel it necessary to tell the truth, I also know that if I were in position to be heard and seen by millions I would not only give air time to official dogma especially where conspiracy possibilittties exist, 9,11….I know that words are alive and very effective, but I tend to treat 90% as just wind….

  6. By eradicating all the conflict that goes on within your several bodies,see no evil and do no evil, every act must be done with the consideration of others emotions, always be aware of your feelings toward information, for you are always manifesting them, dont wear black or grey, have no desire to be loved, for you are “LOVE”ande will be loved in return….

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