Photographer captures breathtaking view of a Lavender field in South of France

Flowers are the embodiment of life and beauty. Its wide array of colors, variety of shapes and sizes, and unique scents make it a fascinating subject for photography and graphic design.

And it does not take a genius to appreciate its charm. Take a look at this picturesque aerial view of a Lavender field that perfectly shows the beauty of nature.

Photo | Samir Belhamra

The stunning photo above was captured by Samir Belhamra, a self-made photographer and graphic designer.

Enchanted by the beauty of the lovely Lavender field of Valensole, Southern France, the photographer made use of his newly purchased drone and shared the amazing photo on a Reddit post.

“I took this with my drone this summer, the Lavender fields with lost sight. Welcome to Valensole in South of France” Belhamra wrote on his Reddit post.

Photo | Samir Belhamra

Lavenders are one of the most fragrant flowers in the world. But aside from its soothing smell, it is also known as a versatile herb.

It is popularly used as an essential oil for aromatherapy and a one-of-a-kind ingredient in culinary herb. Also, a field of lavender is a sight to behold.

However, most lavenders bloom only once in a year. So it is best to visit the vast field of Valensole around the last week of June until the beginning of August when the lavenders are in its full bloom.

Photo | Samir Belhamra

According to Bored Panda, the talented photographer does not only view lavender fields as one of the most beautiful places in France but also in the entire world. It is no wonder why the photographer held so much respect to the blooming fields when he was taking a photo.

He was very careful not to step on the field and destroy nature just to capture beautiful sceneries.

Maybe that’s the reason he took a lot of photos from an aerial view. This is an admirable character that every tourist and photographer should emulate.

Photo | Samir Belhamra

Belhamra began his career two years ago, but he has always been interested in arts and creativity since he was still a child.

He took advantage of the learning resources and materials available on forums and YouTube. Now, his works are shown in popular brands and numerous art pages.

Photo | Samir Belhamra

“…Internet, photography and tools such as Photoshop opened an endless horizon to travel through graphic universes. They allowed me to develop my own ideas and launch my computer graphics business…” The graphic designer shared on his website.

“Today, my style is atypical, situated between reality and imagination. I hope my artworks make people dream, travel and change perceptions.” Belhamra added.

Photo | Samir Belhamra

Can’t get enough of Belhamra’s captivating photography? Feel free to visit his website and follow him on Instagram to see his amazing works.

Take a look at the breathtaking scenery of the the lavender fields in Provence, France by watching the video below!