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This brilliant laundry detergent ad urges men to do more housework

A commercial of a laundry detergent has gone viral, not only because of its superb cleaning properties but because of its powerful message as well! In the Indian laundry detergent ad, Ariel, the product brand decided to tackle an issue found in most households. In line with this, the company asks, “Why is laundry only a mother’s job?”

The commercial began with a scene in which most people can relate to. In the video, a woman who looks tired just got home from work.

Instead of calling the day off, the woman had to tend to her son, bring coffee to her husband, cook dinner, set the table, clean the house, and wash her son’s dirty laundry. The woman attends to these tasks one after another.

Sounds like most stories of mothers right? Just like in other households, the laundry detergent ad features a couple who do not share household chores.

In the commercial, we meet the father of the dutiful young mother, who sees a reflection of himself when he was younger in the persona of his son-in-law. He witnessed his daughter tend to all of the housework while his son-in-law sat and watched TV. Just like his daughter’s husband, he was not helpful to his wife as well.

In the old man’s reflection, he realized that it is a mistake on his part because he had never helped his wife tend to the household chores. And now that the same thing is happening to his daughter, he began to wonder why men are not expected to participate in house chore while women are highly expected to do these duties, whether they are a career woman or not.

Regretting his actions, the repentant father decided to write a heartfelt letter to his daughter. Below is the content of the letter:

“My little baby girl. You’re all grown up now. You used to play house. And now you manage your own house and your office. I am so proud and I am so sorry,” the father said.

“I never told you that it’s not your job alone, but your husband’s too but how could I have said it, when I never helped your mom either,”  The father continued, admitting his mistakes to his daughter. 

“Your husband must have learned the same from his dad…. Sorry on behalf of his dad … sorry on behalf of every dad who set the wrong example.”

The father did not only apologize for himself, but for all of the husband and father who are just like his old self. Since the old-time, women were expected to be caretakers of the home to the point that they shoulder all of the work alone, when in fact women need help too in doing these tasks.

To break the stereotype, Ariel titled the powerful commercial with #ShareTheLoad, calling and encouraging men to share the load of house chores and help their wives.

Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg called Ariel’s commercial as “one of the most powerful videos I have ever seen.” The commercial appealed to Sheryl and she even shared it on her Facebook page, which reached more than 2 million views on her page alone.

The viral commercial was created from the brilliant minds of people behind BBDO India. The commercial has gone viral and even sparked debates about how it portrayed one of the struggles of women in India and other countries- shouldering all of the household work!

Even Melinda Gates, the wife of Bill Gates, support the issues of women being the sole household worker. In a letter Melinda Gates wrote for one of her philanthropic foundations, she says that “women will spend hundreds of thousands more hours than boys doing unpaid work simply because society assumes it’s their responsibility.”

“When I talk about unpaid work, it’s some of the caring things we want to do at home, like care for our children or the elderly. But it’s things like chores. And if you are spending your time, particularly in the developing world, carrying water, chopping wood, or even in the U.S. doing laundry or chores, it means you don’t reach your potential,”  Melinda Gates explained on Good Morning America.

“You need to talk with your partner even before you’re married about whose roles and responsibilities. What are the hidden expectations of this work?” Melinda Gates added, pointing out how important it is for partners to talk about their respective role in their home.

The powerful commercial received both positive and negative feedback. But it was successful in delivering the message it wants to say, it is about time for husbands to step-up their game and help their wives tend to the household chores. It is time to #ShareTheLoad! After all, household chores, no matter how tedious, can withstand the power of two people happily working together!

Watch the powerful and viral laundry detergent ad below and see why it appealed to millions of people, not only in India but to the entire world as well. Share this article to help encourage husbands to #ShareTheLoad with their beloved wives!

Photos and Video | Sheryl Sandberg

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