Kiwi and his goth girlfriend just had 4 babies and the internet is in love

A pair of love birds and their 4 babies
As the old saying goes, what makes you different, makes you beautiful. True to this old belief, an odd pair of love birds is viral on Twitter and Instagram because of their one-of-a-kind budding family. The proud ‘mother’ of the pair of love birds, Maura T. Hennelly, compiled and documented the love story shared by the two birds, and their growing family on Twitter and Instagram.

According to Maura, contrary to the colorful feathers of Kiwi, a male lovebird, Kiwi was often sad and lonely. As a solution to make him happy and lively, Maura brought female lovebird to keep Kiwi company. Maura named the female lovebird as Siouxsie, and surprisingly, her dark-colored feather and her personality complemented Kiwi’s.

“Remember Kiwi & his goth gf?” Maura shared on Twitter and Instagram. “Well now she’s his goth wife and they have 4 beautiful half goth babies.”

Prepare your hearts to be warmed by the lovely photos of Kiwi, Siouxsie, and their adorable babies below!

Pictured above is Kiwi, for his colorful feathers, he sure has a sad and lonely personality.

Siouxsie has dark-colored feathers, she served as the ray of sunshine for Kiwi.

It is amazing how their different colors, vibrant and dull, look great when placed together! Kiwi’s vibrant and colorful feathers surely look handsome next to Siouxsie’s darker color. This only shows how much truth the old saying opposite attracks says.

Despite their big difference, people across continents cannot help but become Kiwi and Siouxsie’s fans! They simply look good and happily in love with each other!

Soon enough, the two lovebirds became very close to one another. Hand-in-hand, both of them took their relationship to the next level and started building a family.

Siouxsie laid 4 eggs. and so Maura was really curious about how their offsprings be look like..  After the most-awaited day, Siouxsie’s 4 babies hatched safely! Can you guess who will they look like?

Will they inherit the exciting and vibrant colors of their father? Or will they share the greyish and gothic color of Siouxsie? Although, ambiguous at first, as days go by, the little chicks are gaining colors as they grow older.

Each passing day, the chicks turn out to be as incredibly beautiful! They took after their two parents whom they are excited to bond with!

Looking at these four adorable chicks, reminds me of how diversity always manages to bring out the best and the most beautiful of a specific time, place, and group of people!

Regardless of one’s nature, Kiki and Siouxsie’s love story is unconventional. Their one-of-a-kind love story goes beyond themselves. In fact, even the color of their offsprings symbolizes their shared ‘union.’ In addition, the beautiful combination of colors that can be observed to all of the baby lovebirds, will surely make you gush over them!

If you wish to see more adorable pictures of Kiki, Siouxsie, and their growing family, simply follow their Instagram account! This is also one way of being updated to these adorable creatures whose photos will uplift your day!

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