Adorable pup is “That Friend” who makes silly poses in all her fur-family photos

Every group has an “eccentric” member, and this fur family is no exception. Kiko, a 9-month-old Finnish Spitz, is the perfect definition of an adorably weird dog. Every time she poses for pictures with her mom Mika, sibling Tofu, and friend Kaya (an older white Swiss Shepherd), she makes herself stand out by performing an unusual trick: bending her head back.

The pup bends her head so far back it seems like it’s going to snap, but her owner Ashleigh MacPherson says it’s just one of the dog’s quirky mannerisms.

The 28-year-old from New Zealand says she finds Kiko’s head-turning trick hilarious. Although it scares some people, Ashleigh says it never gets old for her; she still laughs every single time.

Kiko the 'Exorcist Puppy' with her family

“She has always done it, since she was a small puppy. At first, she started doing it as she slept. I always just thought ‘she just likes to sleep broken,” the school teacher told Unilad.


Ashleigh thought little of it, thinking that pups like to sleep in unusual positions. However, she noticed that the Finnish Spitz pup also did it to look at other dogs.

Instead of turning her head around like a regular pooch, Kiko would bend her neck backward to see what’s behind her.

“Maybe she loves looking at the world upside down. As we built our bond, she begun to do it to keep her focus on me,” Ashleigh explained. “So anytime she was facing away from me, she would bend her neck backwards, just to keep her focus on me.”


Because of this weird talent, Kiko’s internet fans dubbed her as the “Exorcist Puppy,” comparing her head-turning ability to the child in the 1973 classic horror film “The Exorcist.” There, the demonic youngster spins her head 180 degrees after being possessed by the devil.

That nickname gave Ashleigh an idea: What if she taught Kiko to do the freakish trick on command?

And that’s exactly what she did.

Now, every time Ashleigh says the word “demon,” the Finnish Spitz pup will happily bend her head back!

People are usually shocked whenever the dog shows off her head-bending ability in public. But they eventually understand that it’s only a trick and just smile and laugh afterward.


Despite being likened to a scary character, Kiko is a “laid back, cuddly, and sweet dog.” She was born a few days before the lockdown was declared in New Zealand, and Ashleigh said she has been the “best thing” during these challenging times.

“She is a ‘covid puppy’ and was actually born a few days before lockdown happened in New Zealand. She was a singleton puppy, so I got to spend my time with her, and her mum. Her company made me enjoy the time I had in lockdown,” she described her.

See Kiko’s talent in action by following her fur family on Instagram.

Another dog just like Kiko is this silly Shiba Inu from Japan named Hina. Whenever her owner, Yoko, takes photos of her together with her fur pals, she already knows what the outcome would be.

Shiba Inu dogs in Japan posing for a photo

The rest of the gang obediently poses for the shot, but Hina always manages to set herself apart by sticking her tongue out or widely opening her mouth when the shutter clicks. This dog is definitely not one to follow the rules!

Despite her uncooperative poses, Hina looks every bit as adorable as her Shiba Inu friends. In fact, she has become the star of the group because of her quirky attitude. You can follow them on Facebook to see more of their hilarious pictures.

Do you have any dogs like Kiko and Hina? We’d love to see them; share their photos in the comments!

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