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Kelly Clarkson performs a stunning live rendition of Madonna’s ‘Like a Prayer’

Kelly Clarkson’s captivating voice was behind the hit songs “Because Of You,” “Breakaway” and “Already Gone.” Though she’s proven us a lot of times that she is a great singer, she turned our worlds upside down again with her flawless rendition of Madonna’s “Like a Prayer.”

In this time of isolation, Clarkson’s way of entertaining people is through her segment “Kellyoke.” Every day, she makes her own cover of other artists’ hit songs with her powerful voice. On April 30, she featured Madonna’s 1989 hit “Like a Prayer” which stunned millions of viewers across the globe.

Kelly Clarkson singing on "The Kelly Clarkson Show"

Clarkson performed the song remotely in her ranch while her band mates joined her at their own isolation places. Everything in the show –apart from their performance- was very simple.

Clarkson showcased a very low-key look: her blonde hair hung loose against her face, with only a light foundation. She was only wearing a sweater while sitting on a cozy chair.

Though Clarkson’s powerful voice is a given, it is still so amazing to see her so calm and relaxed while singing a song that requires a lot of clout. She clearly hit all the notes perfectly, especially the higher ones, which made it one of her best song covers. The most surprising part was when she added some melismas and belt notes which were not in the original song.

Because Of You singer Kelly Clarkson with her band mates

The multi-colored music video garnered tons of views and many of the viewers were appalled by Clarkson’s consistency in crushing just any song. One thing is for sure: when she makes a rendition, she always owns the song and adds more soul to it.

While most of us are stuck at home, Clarkson did not only give us pure entertainment but also a lot of inspiration. The comments of the viewers showed how the “Because Of You” singer turned their boring day into a wonderful one.

“You have an awesome show; you brighten our lives every day with your never ending love and enthusiasm. The extra special part is the music and we thank you,” Carol Woods, one of the commenters said.

Kelly Clarkson the singer of Because of You is singing Mariah Carey's "Vanishing"

Other viewers commended Clarkson’s musical prowess and her ability to make an excellent rendition even at the comfort of her home. Cathy Pearce said, “This woman does not even need a studio, just singing in her house. She is amazing and my pick if I ever had a person to go to a club with. She is so much fun.”

Another commenter, Carmen Monique agreed to this. “Awesome vocals always. When an artist does not need background singers and dancers they can be put on the spot and sound great. Love her!” she said.

Kelly Clarkson is undeniably one of the great singers of this generation. Her original songs “Because Of You” and many others did not become hits for nothing. Now, Kelly has also proved us that she can also pull off songs of other popular artists.

Clarkson recently made an accapella version of “Sweet Music Man” as a tribute to the world-renown singer Kenny Rogers who passed away last March. She also made an amazing rendition of Mariah Carey’s “Vanishing” and performed live, singing Aretha Franklin’s (You Make Me Feel) Like a Natural Woman” before the start of the lockdown.

Watch this video and be swept away by Kelly Clarkson’s soulful rendition of “Like a Prayer”:

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