Kansas hospital maternity ward dresses newborns as Disney ‘Frozen’ characters

Though dressed up as characters from the hit animated movie Frozen, these newborns in a Kansas hospital maternity ward are melting hearts all over the internet with their cuteness!

Just as Frozen 2 hit theaters in November 22, Saint Luke’s South Hospital in Overland Park dressed up its newborns as mini versions of Anna, Elsa, and Olaf in celebration of the release of the beloved film’s second installment.

Saint Luke's Health System creates a colorful maternity ward.

“Let them in! Let them see! Our maternity ward at Saint Luke’s South has been “Frozen” over. Anna, Elsa, and Olaf are here and they all like warm hugs. Remember, love is always an open door at Saint Luke’s. Don’t let it go!” the hospital wrote on Facebook, along with photos of the newborns donning their crocheted costumes.

The Kansas hospital also shared a short but sweet video showing off the infants in their beautifully crafted costumes sourced from Texas-based Loveable Crochet on Etsy.

Disney baby characters in maternity ward.

Aside from having a gorgeous combination of colors, the Anna-inspired outfit got all of the details right. The floral dress had black boots and a matching cap featuring Anna’s long red braids – even the white streak was included!

The Elsa costume, meanwhile, was as queenly as can be. It was a teal gown with matching boots and a cap that featured long blonde braids.

Adorable baby in Kansas maternity ward dressed as a Disney character.

Of course, the princess siblings wouldn’t be complete without their comical sidekick, Olaf. The baby representing the character wore a white crocheted swaddle with the snowman’s stick arms and a matching cap featuring the Olaf’s eyes and carrot nose.

The video and photos were met with joy on the Kansas hospital’s Facebook page, with many people commenting on how adorable they all looked. Jenae Haydu, the mom of the baby dressed as Anna, felt so happy that her child was chosen to represent the character.


“Thanks Saint Luke’s for letting my little Charlotte be princess Anna for a day!! It was soo cute and fun. We loved every minute of it,” she commented on the post.

Frozen 2 smashed box office records on November 22 by becoming the animated film with the biggest opening of all time, earning a whopping $350.2 million in its opening weekend!

Watch the video below to see baby Anna, Elsa, and Olaf fill the maternity ward with a blizzard of cuteness.