This Kangaroo’s perfect physique may push you to do some bench press

This kangaroo is making people on the internet rethink their current fitness routines.

Jay Brewer, who runs the famous @jayprehistoricpets Instagram account, shared a video of his encounter with a kangaroo in Texas.

He posted the clip only late last month, but it has already racked up over 367K likes on the platform.

And the reason it got so much attention? The super jacked kangaroo!

“The kangaroos in Texas seem to be even bigger than the ones in Australia,” Jay wrote in the caption.

Super size kangaroo

This particular marsupial looked like it has been hitting the gym because of its muscular arms. As Jay attempted to feed the animal, he couldn’t help but comment on his incredible physique.

“Man, you are a big kangaroo,” he tells the kangaroo in the footage. “Those are strong arms.”

Thousands of social media users flocked to the post’s comments section to share their thoughts on the kangaroo’s intimidating appearance.

One user warned Jay not to cross the kangaroo and commented, “Don’t mess with him.”

Because of its huge size, another person thought it wasn’t real for a while.

“I actually thought this was a fake kangaroo for a minute,” she wrote.

Others, meanwhile, said the animal made them want to work on their own fitness routines.

“He made me wanna do some push-ups,” one user wrote.

“This kangaroo been hitting the gym no doubt,” another said.

Huge muscles shown by kangaroo

You may have seen a few kangaroos at your local zoo or on the side of the road. Usually, they’re just standing around and keeping to themselves.

They don’t look very intimidating, but as it turns out, they’re actually pretty brawny animals when seen up-close!

It isn’t unusual for kangaroos to look so buff. Male kangaroos, called bucks, often grow to massive sizes. They also develop big and strong muscles in their hind legs and chest because of their unique hopping gait.

Unlike most mammals, kangaroos use bipedal hopping to move around instead of quadrupedal walking. In addition, their powerful legs have flexible tendons that are meant to store energy while they jump.

Their tail is even muscular! In fact, they often use it as a third leg to balance themselves when standing upright and leaping. Its power is equal to the power of their hind legs combined.

Three kangaroos

With their muscles, tail, and large feet, kangaroos can jump up to 25 ft in one leap and travel as fast as 43 mph over short distances.

Also, male muscular kangaroos look more attractive to females of their species than those with fewer muscles. Above all, these animals have genetic predispositions to be muscular. Half of their entire weight consists of muscles, making them naturally jacked.

When kangaroos feel threatened, they are known to hop into a waterbed. They will wait there until the animal comes a bit closer before they attack and use their claws to grab and drown it.

Kangaroos will often try to hold an opponent with their hefty arms and their insanely strong legs and claws to pin down their rival.

You really wouldn’t want to cross these beautiful creatures because they can easily take you down!

Take a look at the viral video of this kangaroo below.


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If you want to be strong and muscular like this kangaroo, maybe it’s time for you to change up (or start) a fitness routine of your own.

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