Funny video of jealous Golden Retriever dog drags puppy off couch

This funny video will definitely have you giggling!

If you are a dog owner, you could probably attest to how much your pooch loves you. He waits for you to get home every single day, gives you the best morning kisses, and always wants to be wherever you are – sometimes, even in the bathroom!

These special creatures are definitely clingy and sweet, and we just love them all the more for it.

The Golden Retriever featured in the funny video below is one example of a clingy dog. In the clip, a woman – presumably his owner – is seen sleeping on the sofa with another goldie pup.


The pair seemed to have settled in a comfortable position, and the puppy seemed to be getting ready for his snooze time. But, the bigger Golden Retriever didn’t look too happy with their set-up.

Suddenly, the jealous dog dragged the clueless pup off the couch and proceeded to take his place! He nuzzled his head between his mom’s arms, looking so pleased at what he’d just done.


Meanwhile, the little goldie had no power to protest, so he was left lying on the floor while his bigger counterpart enjoyed their mom’s comforting hug.

But by the end of the short clip, the poor pup stood up and disappeared from view. Maybe he went looking for another sleeping spot where he couldn’t be dragged off!


The video, which was originally from TikTok, was shared by Woof Woof on their Facebook page. As of writing, the post has received 270,000 reactions and 267,000 shares.


People just couldn’t get enough of the extremely adorable and funny video. Many people commented saying how “sweet” and “cute” the two goldies were. Others who have a similar breed shared their own Golden Retriever stories.

Watch the adorable clip below – for sure, you will play it over and over!

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