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A Japanese devoted husband organization says there are 5 rules to a happy marriage

How do you express your love for your spouse? By giving flowers? Showering them with gifts? Taking them out to a fancy dinner?

The 55-year old Kiyotaka Yamana from Japan did more than that to express his love for his wife, Kimi – he actually founded a group for husbands who adore their wives. The group is called Japanese Aisaika Organization.

The Japanese word ‘aisaika’ means ‘devoted husband’ or ‘doting husband’ in English. And it’s not just a group of men getting together – the organization actually has a headquarters, they have project plans, and they have a mission.

The organization strongly believes that world peace can be achieved through improved marital relationships. It also wants men to treat marriage as a relationship, more than just a status.

Kiyotaka’s first marriage of eight years ended in divorce, and that was when he realized all the things he could have done better for the their union. Now, he is happily married for fifteen years to his second wife.

The Japanese Aisaika Organization or JAO, follows five rules to a better, happier marriage:

1. Go home early, before 8 p.m.

2. Create a relaxing atmosphere

3. Call your wife by her name

4. Look into her eyes

5. Listen to what she has to say

In an interview with CNN, Kiyotaka said he and his wife have followed these rules from the beginning of their marriage, and have decided to share the rules to others who were asking how they have stayed happily married for 15 years.

Kiyotaka also said that he didn’t particularly recruit anyone to join JAO, men just approached him wanting to have improved marriages, and wanting to show devotion to their wives. At present, the organization has around 200 members.

One of the most renowned activities of the organization is the yearly celebration of ‘Beloved Wives’ Day’. Beloved Wives’ Day is celebrated every 31st of January, and the husbands are to declare their love for their wives on this day.

Kimi said in the same interview that in Japan, it is unusual for men to express their love for their wives. But JAO has founded events which are designed to make it easier for husbands to express their love and appreciation, it’s called the “Shout Your Love From the Middle of a Cabbage Patch” event. During this event, the husband can openly tell his wife how much he loves her. It isn’t necessary for husbands to literally shout their love, but many men still do it.

Some might find it hilarious, even silly, but sometimes you do silly things when you’re in love.

And it takes a lot of courage to tell someone you love them, at the top of your lungs, in front of many people.

There’s no real easy way to have a happy marriage – you constantly have to take care of your marriage to make it work. But doing some things such as being more appreciative, respectful, and dedicated to one another just like what the rules of Japanese Aisaika Organization suggest surely wouldn’t hurt.

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Monday 26th of March 2018

I think I would feel more embarrassed if my future husband did this!

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