6 thoughts on “It’s Difficult But You Have To Move On”

  1. Recently I find myself alone. A lot of wonderful people have been in my life. One very important person who I thought was the one moved on. I just recently saw him and realized that hanging on as friends is not going to be good for me. I have to move on!! I finally told him and it is blowing my mind how long I needed to do that!!

  2. When things we don’t want to happen does happen, I believe it has a purpose because we could learn from it, maybe make us a better person & it can also be a sign of maturity because we are able to accept it and move on. 🙂

  3. There seem to be so many things I am letting go of all at once. I did not want these things to happen but they did!, Wishing upon a Star will not change anything, but accepting what I learned in the process is bittersweet…

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    Sometimes the hardest and most important truths to realize are the ones that seem so basic and easy to understand. For me, it’s like my heart and head have completely different ideas and agendas. It’s been 3 months since P and I broke up and 6 weeks no contact. And while my head is completely secure in the knowledge that our deep connection has been irrevocably severed by his fear and cowardice, my heart still misses him so much sometimes. It creeps up on me out of nowhere and reminds me of the pain and loss. Time does heal the pain but it still sucks. Especially given the fact that while I have many virtues, unfortunately patience is not among them.

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