It Is Time To Change Into Who You Are

Sometimes the door closes on a relationship, not because we failed but because something bigger than us says this no longer fits our life. So, lock the door, shed your tears, and when you’re ready, turn around and look for the new door that’s opened. It’s a sign that you’re no longer that person you were, it’s time to change into who you are. It’s going to be okay. — Lee Goff

It's going to be ok

7 thoughts on “It Is Time To Change Into Who You Are”

  1. Not an easy way of getting yourself up and about but then there is no way out in the room you are locked. I believe that love all with full force but when time comes to go and stop be brave to face that moment and time and all will be well.

  2. Great post. Loved it.
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  3. That’s true. You are on point. In Emchis Consulting my ultimate game plan has always been helping people realise who they are. I think I’ve found like-mindedness in your post.

  4. Each days blog seems to be talking abt me. Thank you! I am inspired by this blog to change my attitude about life.

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