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Inseparable senior dogs need a home where they can stay together forever

Zachary and Pee Wee are two senior Chihuahuas whose owner recently passed away. They had no one to take care of them after that, so they were surrendered to a big public shelter in North Carolina.

However, the shelter didn’t have enough space to accommodate them as they were already very crowded. Soon after, they were taken in by Adoption First Animal Rescue. When the adorable pair first arrived, it became immediately known to the rescue staff how much they loved each other and how they always needed to be together.

It is no wonder why they clung to each other that much because they’ve been together for all eight years of their lives. To separate them would be unthinkable since they have already developed a very special bond from growing up together. Everyone in the rescue absolutely loved knowing their unique personalities and learning just how attached they are to each other.

Nicole Johnson, a staff at the rescue, told The Dodo: “They cuddle all of the time. They want to be curled up with each other, and look to each other to feel safe. When separated, Pee Wee gets very depressed and has a hard time warming up to new people!”

Zachary appears to be the more social of the two, while Pee Wee is the shy one.

“Zachary is the more friendly and loving one. He loves to be held and cuddled. And Pee Wee takes her time to trust new people. She likes her space and only wants to be cuddled after she trusts you!”, Nicole added.

After being in the shelter for a few weeks, the staff decided to do something for the two seniors that is just apt, considering how close they are.

The rescue decided to throw them their own wedding!

“We thought with as close as they are to each other, they deserved their fairy-tale wedding after all these years,” Nicole said.

Pee Wee’s wedding dress had been donated and it fit her perfectly. Meanwhile, Zachary was dressed in a cute little tux. A blanket was laid outside and surrounded by their wedding guests – aka the volunteers – the two Chihuahuas got married after 8 years of being together.

“The weather cleared up just in time for the big event. They were both very proud and had the sweetest smiles!”, Nicole shared.

Now that they are bound to one another eternally, there is one gift that will surely make them happy – a forever home to live in for the rest of their lives.

The best home for Zachary and Pee Wee would be one that is quiet and with no young children around. The pair also loves going on car rides and hanging out with other pups, especially the senior ones who are as chill as them.

Now that they are bound to be together for a lifetime, we hope that Zachary and Pee Wee find their own forever home!

If you think your household is perfect for Zachary and Pee Wee, you may contact Adoption First Animal Rescue for more information.

All photos via Adoption First Animal Rescue.

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