Inmate saves female guard, for his heroism judge gives him sentence reduction

It doesn’t matter who you were in the past, what it means to be a hero is what you make of yourself of today.

Kindness is free. Kindness knows no color, no social status, no riches, and no judgment. Kindness can come from anyone and can be given to anyone as well, and that is what makes kindness such a beautiful gesture.

When people encounter the word ‘inmate,’ more often than not, they associate it with bad people who are villains in real life. But an inmate of Kent County Prison in Michigan proves that just because he committed a crime, does not mean he no longer knows how to be good and kind.

Antonio Duane Brown was sentenced to a minimum of one-and-a-half to five years of imprisonment in Kent County, Michigan after he was convicted of fleeing and eluding police authorities.

But just a few hours shy of his sentence verdict, a female guard unlocked the prison’s security system to allow Willie Williams, Antonio’s fellow inmate, to come out of his cell. Willie asked if he could retrieve a roll of toilet paper, however, Willie had another thing brewing in his mind.

Rather than returning to his cell, Willie snuck and hid behind a pillar and chanced upon the female guard on duty. He knocked the radio out of the guard’s hand and physically assaulted her. He beat and choke her life out of her.

But the odds seemed to be in favor of the female guard. While Willie was attacking the female guard, various buttons were pressed as well, leaving the surrounding cells wide open.

If you are thinking that the inmates cheered on Willie and took advantage of the situation, well you’re wrong! As soon as the other cells opened up, about seven inmates ran out of their cells to help the vulnerable female guard.

Antonio was one of the first inmates who came to the rescue of the female guard. With his strength and courage, he forcefully pulled Willie away from the female guard, which saved her precious life. He even used the guard’s radio to ask for help.

Kent County Sheriff Larry Stelma shared that it was all thanks to Antonio that the officer was rescued, “He came to the officer’s aid. He took the assailant (Williams) and separated him from the officer,” Stelma added. “He was the first one there to help and gave her some reprieve.”

Due to his kindness and bravery, Kent County Circuit Judge Mark Trusock called Antonio back into the courtroom to surprise the latter with a good news. What it means to be a hero? This judge has this to say:

“You intervened at your own peril and pulled that individual off of her, probably saved her life, and protected her from him attacking her again.” Because of his heroic act, Judge Trusock re-sentenced Antonio, crediting 149 days as served!

After spending a night in prison, Antonio was freed together with the other inmates he led to rescue the assaulted officer.

Antonio’s story is a beautiful reminder that we cannot entirely judge one’s character based from his flaw. What it means to be a hero? Sometimes a kind and good natured-heart can be found hiding in the people we least expect, just like Antonio.

Watch the truly inspiring video of Antonio below and learn more about him, the inmate who rescued and saved the life of a police officer from the hands of a fellow inmate.

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