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This woman’s incredible tiny house truck is every solo female traveler’s dream

This woman from New Zealand is living her life in a way that most of us can only imagine. Jude is a solo female traveler who lives in a cozy and completely off-grid home mounted on the back of a brand new truck.

After eight years of living on the road in poorly insulated campers designed by other people, she decided to build her own comfortable tiny house on the move.

Now, Jude is traveling solo and worry-free in the warmth of her spectacular tiny home on wheels. Her truck is currently parked in a gorgeous remote area in New Zealand that provides million-dollar views of the country’s beautiful landscapes.

When the whole tiny house movement took off, Jude fell in love with the whole idea of building it. However, if she would ever have one, she didn’t want to put it on land. She wants to be able to move around and explore new spots.

And that’s exactly what she did.

At first, Jude thought of getting a secondhand truck to save on costs. However, she ultimately decided on getting a new one so she can travel worry-free and stay safe on the road during her long  and solo travels.

Her tiny house measures 6.4 meters long and 2.4 meters wide and is completely off the grid. It’s equipped with self-containment tanks that hold all the gray water and black water like a typical camper van. Jude also installed an 800-watt solar panel on the roof of the truck.

The home’s exterior is made of two different colors of treated cedar, and its windows were all handmade by the builder.

Jude’s tiny house truck doesn’t have any windows at the front, but the big picture window at the rear of the truck more than makes up for it. She strategically placed it there to feel like she’s still outside, even when she’s sitting on her own couch.

Upon entering the home, you wouldn’t even realize that you’re in a house truck. The big picture window and the gorgeous French doors really helped bring all the wonderful outdoor elements right into Jude’s living room.

These fixtures also made the home so airy that anyone inside wouldn’t feel a bit claustrophobic, even if it’s enclosed.

Like the outside, the home’s interior boasts of beautiful timber and woodwork. Jude loves working with this material because she can easily knock a hole in it and display all her artwork on the walls.

The living room—which also serves as her yoga room during the morning—turns into her sleeping area at nighttime. Jude also has a pull-down bed equipped with a pulley system that drops right down and sits on top of the foot of her pull-out bed.

After spending years of being constantly cold while on the road, Jude made it a point to install a fireplace in her tiny house.

Her kitchen has enough room for her to do pretty much everything she can. It has loads of storage, a pantry, a generous prep area, a full-size gas oven, and a regular-size fridge.

The home has a great-sized bathroom with a stand-alone, full-size shower, a vanity, and a micro flush toilet.

Jude has lived solo in her tiny house truck for over a year, and many people ask her if she ever gets scared and lonely.

“So, I park up in some pretty amazing places and quite often, I’m the only person here. But, I never get scared because you get an idea about a place, whether it’s got a good vibe to it or a bad vibe to it or the sort of people that you see coming around during the day. And I refuse to live my life around what somebody else might do,” she said.

As for the lonely factor…

“I just think about the people I meet. And you know, I meet some amazing people. I sit in here and I have these wonderful views and I read my book and I do this and I do that. And then I think, “Oh, I haven’t talked to anybody today.” So there I go and travel off and find somebody to talk to,” Jude explained with a chuckle.

Take a tour inside this incredible off-grid tiny house truck in the video below.

Visit Living Big in a Tiny Home YouTube channel for more amazing videos!

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Saturday 29th of January 2022

Awesome! Wanna sell it??

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