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Korean illustrator captures the beauty of being in love

There are numerous ways to let love someone, and although some people opt to express their affection through grand gestures doesn’t mean that the little things do not matter anymore. In a matter of fact, a lot of people can feel they are loved based on the little things. As Winnie The Pooh once said, “Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.”

Hyocheon Jeong, a modern artist from South Korea, believes in the same thing as well. Thus, her captivating works of art precisely depict what love and care  look like- even without using words!

The popular artist focuses on expressing love between couples by creating a visual representation of the simple moments in their life. The artist uses dreamy colors of purples, yellows, pinks, and blues in painting a picture of couples enjoying their sweet company in the privacy of their warm home.

What makes Hyocheon Jeong’s works a cut above the rest is the way she presented the ‘small’ and ‘normal’ moments in a way that is ethereal and heavenly. Which is a great metaphor for showing how even doing the mundane things seem so special if done with the person you love.

When asked what inspired her creations, the South Korean artist shared a bit of her personal life.

“The sources of my inspiration are always stories of people,” Hyocheon Jeong explained. “Most of them are the stories of me and my boyfriend. I also get my ideas from the conversation with my friends.” 

Although Hyocheon Jeong’s great works depict love, it doesn’t come off as cheesy- just the right amount of romance. Hence, people all over the world find her works of art very easy to relate with.

You can see most of her works posted on her Instagram account, which has a total of 123,000 followers. Below are some of her greatest masterpiece that will surely remind you of what love really is all about!

[1] In love, time spent with each other even just by drinking inexpensive drinks will never be boring!

[2] In love, sharing your most favorite food will never be an issue!

[3] Love is sharing a kiss under the starry night!

[4] Love is about taking pictures and making memories!

[5] Love is cherishing every little time spent with each other, and that includes making the most out of movie dates!

[6] Love is all about the stolen kisses, even when you are already living together!

[7] Love is learning how to dance in the middle of the rain!

[8] Love is about taking care of each other.

[9] Love is having someone to cuddle with at night!

[10] Love is being lost in the moment!

With Hyocheon Jeong’s masterpieces, we can truly say that love is in the air! Which of her works of art is your favorite? SHARE your thoughts below the comment section!

Photos | Hyocheon Jeong

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.