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IKEA sells mini bed for children’s toys, people are buying them for their cats

IKEA home decor is famous for its modern with a twist of traditional interior design at affordable prices. But lately, cat owners are going crazy over one specific product from this brand.

Far from what you’d expect, the item isn’t found in the pet section, but under the toys & play menu of their catalog.

So what’s this hot item we’re talking about? Is it another one of their traditional interior design?

It’s none other than a doll bed with a bed linen set. Obviously, it’s meant for children’s dolls, but some clever cat owners found it as an opportunity to spoil their beloved felines.

Instead of buying them for little kids to play with, people are re-purposing this simple wooden bed and turning it into a cozy throne for their furry pets.

The internet is currently littered with pictures of cats lounging comfortably on the beds, and based on these photos, they seem to be enjoying them!

We know that felines love staying inside boxes, but have you ever wondered why? According to research, these animals find comfort and security from enclosed spaces. They also use boxes as hiding places and find refuge in them during stressful situations.

As for the wooden beds, it could be that cats are loving them too because of their design. The slot at either end of the wooden beds is an ideal feature for felines. Whenever they rest in a relaxed position, they can just stick out their tails and sleep comfortably.

Some owners even went the extra mile and provided their cats with thicker linens and pillows. Others stacked them and created a makeshift decker bed. However, IKEA advises against this for safety purposes.

The DUKTIG doll bed with bed linen set costs $14.99. Customers who’ve already bought the product gave glowing feedback about the item on the IKEA  home decor page. Here are some of them.

“I got this in lieu of the cat-sized sofa in the pet section due to price. My cat absolutely adores it and voluntarily sleeps in it daily. If your cat likes cardboard box type surfaces, they’ll probably love this. I mean, it’s probably useful as a doll bed too, I guess.”

“I have 2 of these as beds for my cats. They were easy to put together and my cats love to sleep on them.”

“I thought my cats would like this, and they do. In fact one tries to push the other out so he can have his turn. I may need to get more!”

If these customer reviews aren’t enough to convince you to get one, these adorable pictures might!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.