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Stylist gives wives makeovers leaving husbands in awe of their beautiful transformation

Don’t you just wish you have a personal stylist to give you pointers on how you dress etc. At least, for just one day, these ladies were treated like royalty!

Everyone knows that marriage is not always rainbows and butterflies – it takes a lot of hard work.

That hard work could sometimes take a toll on a person’s physical appearance, and that is completely understandable.

Mothers especially don’t have the luxury of time to pamper themselves the way they used to when it was just her and her spouse.

So when these wives were chosen to be beautified in TODAY’s Ambush Makeover, they were more than happy to get their looks updated!

Hairstylist Louis Licari and TODAY contributor and author Jill Martin scoured the NBC plaza and chose two lucky women who were deserving of a makeover.

First up was 61-year-old Patti Hadrava, a quilting teacher who was in New York with her husband to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary.

She looked overwhelmed when she was picked, nevertheless, she was excited about her makeover session!

When Patti came out, she was a completely changed woman!

She got a new, flattering haircut that framed her face so well, and a gorgeous red hair color that looks very natural on her.

“She was beautiful before. Now, she’s ready for the red carpet,” said her husband, Louis, who was so delighted to see his wife’s new look.

Next was 67-year-old Joan Henry from California. She has four daughters and ten grandchildren. She’s retired and now volunteers at the hospice.

It’s her first time in New York City and she’s always wanted to recreate her look. Lucky for her, she got chosen by the TODAY contributors!

The new Joan came out more beautiful than she was before. According to Louis, her blonde hair was washing her out, so he had the color changed to a soft brown tone.

The layers of her hair were also reshaped to complement her face shape.

Her husband, John, was left speechless by his wife’s new dazzling look.

But the wide grin on his face proves that he liked what he saw! The stylist definitely did a good job!

See the couples’ amazing reactions in the video below when a stylist gave them makeovers they will never forget.

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