18 thoughts on “When You Get Hurt By People”

  1. At 52 yrs, the little girl in me still hurts. I still cry into my pillow at night after the nightmares wake me up. I have a great life; husband who loves and understands, three beautiful, successful adult children and lots of grandkids. But still that little girl hurts and cannot let go. I have said my prayers to help me but relief comes. With my family, it’s one bad thing after another. The whole bunch of us are screwed in the heads with the abusive parents we had. Once again I will a nerve pill because the anixiety is overwhelming, and say a prayer that God will heal my broken spirit.

  2. Yes you’re all right, trust is the most expensive things in this world wide. Im betrayed the guy which is I considered him as a special one I’ve been met in my life. To all out there most especially we( girls) our instinct and vibration is very true,though we don’t see what they are doin’ in every hour, minute,second then we can feel surely there is something wrong.

  3. I understand the feeling of betrayal. It has happened to me more than once by the people I trusted the most. They only used me for their own agenda. I had to find out the hard way. I realized that I had to let them go or else I will always be a pawn for them. I can’t carry on a relationship with them without compromising my own well-being & integrity because I know for a fact that they haven’t changed nor do they care how I feel. One thing I came to terms with is my self-respect. I realized I cared more about how I wanted to be treated which taught me to set healthy boundaries for myself. I found my strength in it knowing that I can stand on my own two feet… I found my resilience to endure the pain & hurt. It made me think long & hard about what I want in a healthy relationship & what I would like to create for myself.

  4. after going through a painful breakup and having not had much luck with finding that special someone. i have began to release my wants to the universe. Trust is an issue as unfaithfulness ended my first marriage and emotional abandonment ended my second. So here is sit in my late forties, thinking i had found that one person to build something really special with, not the case. months of loving words that i now wonder if they were all a lie. Time to let go and know that a better ending awaits me.

  5. yeah I know that feeling, its sad when someone you trust the most hurts your feelings you feel left out all alone like your invisible I’ve experienced it at school.=-=

  6. Everybody is different and if one person hurts you means you will become cautious and will also hope that it will not happen again to us. Trust the God in the heaven and move forward for better life.

  7. It’s so true.When someone hurt you , just pray for them ,let go and move on.Someday you will realize that you’re up there .

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    It is true, so true…when we wall off our hearts from others not only do we stifle our lives and happiness, but by trying to protect ourselves we actually turn ourselves into victims and ruin our own lives.

  9. The words are so true. It has been very hard to trust men because the betrayal was heart crushing, but I will get there.

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