Pair of enormous sea lions spotted casually lounging on someone’s boat

Everybody likes to spend a day out on the water at least once in a while. You get to cool off, enjoy the serene view and sound of the lake/ocean, or get to lounge on a boat while basking in the warmth of the sun.

As it turns out, humans aren’t the only creatures who enjoy these activities.


Two weeks ago, Joshua Phillips was riding aboard a boat on Puget Sound off the coast of Washington when a strange sight caught his eye – a pair of enormous sea lions casually lounging on a boat.

It appears that the pair was out for a swim when they decided to rest their flippers for a while by lying on a comparatively tiny boat. Evidently, the vessel was too small to handle such huge and heavy passengers.

Joshua couldn’t believe what he was seeing, and he quickly captured the whole thing on video. He posted the short clip on Facebook, where it has gained almost 5 million views since it was shared two weeks ago.

The footage shows the two sea lions slumped on the vessel, tipping it with their combined weight.

It’s unclear who owns the boat, or how long the duo has claimed it as theirs. What’s for sure is that this unusual sighting has put these mammals’ size into a new perspective. Did you know that sea lions can reach lengths of 11 feet and weigh a whopping 2,500 pounds?


In a recent update, Joshua shared a video on Instagram confirming that the boat had already sunk. You may view the below or go HERE.


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Boat update: I received messages from several people saying that the boat with the sea lions had sank. Today I can 100% confirm that it’s on the bottom @thequalifiedcaptain 😬

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