7 thoughts on “How You Deal With Your Mistakes Defines You”

  1. There is nothing harder in life than being human, and that is because you have inherently belief you are nothing else, you persecute yourself by imaginary faults, faults that truly has nothing to do with who you truly are, human fails miserable in their present state of mind that they are copycats, reactionaries, then they blame themslves without such realisation That, every act no matter how derogative is an act for your higher good, so why refer to them as mistakes and what ever else, during each life span you will ask this question, “Why did I do that-How did I come to do that” simple, if you dont do it, it will be done for you…
    Humans greatest failings is they see right- wrong good -bad in every aspect of life my advice would to see only one of them, if not live like a dead person and all will be well……,

  2. I am big enough to admit my mistakes , if the origin of me being triggered making a mistake is hanging together by multiple factors it’s quite difficult to learn , just never acting like the mistake I made would lock me up and eventually such a tight jeans won’t fit me… Well, There is the common notion that mistakes are just not OK, but how would we learn to better ourselves , My main problems that I and people around me do not tolerate aggression , so I learned to prohibit myself to stop every @ every sign I go aggressive on whomever… I do this all telepathically , Since people still deny the gift of having multiple senses and denying only because they had no training of those senses and thus claim that by admitting they are spiritual beings the world would be affected in a negative way, never do I hear them speaking about any positive effect of being open about our usage of these “hidden”senses… But most of the times I get angry at persons that walked in to my mind and ask me questions or just say the strangest negative things to me or my soul mates…. Rarely I snap because of spiritual mishaps… I do explode when my internet-browser gets stuck and my screen or entrance is blocked … if it takes too long I snap sometimes a bit to hard… Mostly I become enraged by real life issues that bother me – but even there I learn from my mistakes… and last and least , As I just said , bullying me like affected me then , so I’ve learned to cope – there’s a saying, there’s always some one bigger or smaller than yourself – I need to stop myself from getting directed by some low-level aggression outing whenever I feel like it… I do admire to get higher on that seeing and applying that quite ,
    mmm I must goto sleep real soon and i must finish some chores !
    But just to finish…. Uhm I am strong enough to stop maby all mistake from reoccurring , and I’ve done this before and will also do with the next mistake , this one ,, the one I tried to describe above here , to be precise.
    Since I did succeed in overcoming all obstacles and stayed in control over that mistake
    I have my proof that I also will overcome most if not all mistake and become and stay able to stop these mistakes from ever happening…
    example : I 1st let my family make me loose it , nowadays they do +/- the same sjit but I just smile , keep inner peace and move along to a new moment where i am no longer tested just to see if I snap.
    NB. My family doesn’t think they test me and I agree , they are sometimes a bit blunt and didn’t think their actions trough , still they got on my nerves back then and I reacted… Nowadays I am maby not really enjoying them touching a nerve ,, I just do not snap verbally and letting me be eaten from the inside by frustrations. – and I’m also most times able to even pretend I see their point of view and keep the real truth for myself , They are happy when I play such a part, I do not know if they know I’m pretending to go along because of their reasons, but either way they are happy , I’m not triggered or busy justifying why and who and why of myself … AH , and years before I did already possess this technique but my volatile nature always won , nowadays me hiding the real truth from them is winning each time…

    BAM ,zzzzzz ngrrrrr zzzzzzz ngrrrrr

  3. Very wise person. Be true to thy self. Accepting responsibility for one’s action requires a very strong and honest person.

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