4 thoughts on “How Do You Allow Others To Treat You?”

  1. I now in a down bad situation. I am deaf person n alone now. I serve my only hope n love to woman who never take me in heart. 7 years I pour everything to her n value as my most precious person I only have in my life.. out sudden I was rejected by her. Now I am jobless n 45 years old n deaf n alone. I race too many rejections at this moments..now after reading all the motivation quote. . I feel more confident n hopeful. I pray n wish from God , please just a finger lift , push me again.. Thank you for all your motivation..If really something miracles happen to me, I will forget you..

  2. You’ve got to firmly uphold to standards you strongly believe in uncompromisingly to reflect your self respect, doing yourself a great favor in all circumstances. Honesty in all relationships becomes a hallmark.

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    If you stand for nothing, you fall for anything. If someone wants to take advantage of you, they will as long as you allow it. Letting someone else run your life into the ground is as simple as not saying the word, NO.

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