Missing horse returns home after running with wild mustangs for 8 years

Utah native Shane Adams was finally reunited with his favorite horse, Mongo, 8 years after it ran away with wild mustangs.

Shane Adams grew up riding and training horses his whole life but only one horse completely captured his heart. It was Mongo. Sadly, he lost him while they were on a camping trip in the West Desert.

It was early morning when Adams heard the rustling of horses. He got curious and got out of his tent only to see his beloved horse running after a herd of wild mustangs. He tried to catch Mongo but a snowstorm stopped his chase.

Shane Adams riding Mongo
Photo Courtesy: Shane Adams

“I thought he’d just come right back. That was his mentality — he never went far. I didn’t think he would ever be gone,” Adams said.

He reported him missing and for three years, he kept coming back to the same place where he left Mongo but he had no luck.

Mongo running away with wild mustangs
Photo Courtesy: Shane Adams

Adam made sure people knew that Mongo was missing and even got in touch with the Bureau of Land Management in Utah and their local brand inspector.

Eventually, Adams had to go back to his job as a foreman for a big construction company, which requires more of his time and attention.

“You can’t run a 100-million-dollar job and be gone and only work two days a week because you’re out chasing wild mustangs,” he said.

Mongo with Shane's family
Photo Courtesy: Shane Adams

In 2017, Adams finally gave up on Mongo and assumed he was dead. Even the workers at BLM Utah lost their hope of finding Mongo after they failed at capturing him.

After five years, Adams was shocked to hear the good news about Mongo. His favorite horse is still alive, according to a BLM Utah employee who sent him a message on Facebook.

Shane's kids spending time with Mongo
Photo Courtesy: Shane Adams

Mongo was found at a gathering in Dugway Proving Ground. It was an effort to manage the population of horses in the area.

A horse specialist from BLM instantly knew that Mongo was different from the other horses. He behaved like a domesticated horse, which gave them hope that it might be Mongo.

Shane and his kids looking after Mongo
Photo Courtesy: Shane Adams

Adams drove for four hours to see the horse, hoping it was really Mongo. Luckily, he was not disappointed because even though the horse was not as stout as before, he knew it was the same horse he had lost 8 years ago.

“There’s not a lot of food out there with this drought, and the horses look like walking death because they’re so skinny,” Adams explained.

Mongo after running with wild mustangs for years
Photo Courtesy: Shane Adams

Adams was so happy to reunite with his old friend. “This was really good, the only positive thing to happen to me in two years.”

He had been through a lot in the past couple of years, losing his home, getting divorced, and being in a life-threatening car crash.

He also thought that his late father would have been so happy to see Mongo again. “My dad would be all sorts of excited. He would be tickled pink,” said Adams.

Shane and his kids taking care of Mongo
Photo Courtesy: Shane Adams

Mongo is enjoying going back to his domesticated life while Adams is trying to learn how to ride saddleback again, after having a brain injury from the car crash.

His doctor said it would take him at least five years to ride horses again but he knows one day, he can ride Mongo again and relive their memories together. For now, he and his children are happy to take Mongo out for some exercise.

Shane and his kids riding horses
Photo Courtesy: Shane Adams

“I’m a firm believer that you have to look past your trials and trust that things are going to get better,” Adams said.

“Everything happens, but you’ve got to keep your chin up. I mean, a month ago I would’ve never imagined Mongo would be back.”

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