Homeowners uncover stunning Roman-style hot tub beneath the floor of their home office

Homeowners Mark and Jenny Ronsman were thrilled to move into their new house but didn’t think they would have the surprise of their life. Who would have imagined that underneath the house’s floor is a hidden Roman-style bath?

Three years ago, when the couple bought and moved into this house, the agent told them that there’s a hidden Roman hot tub underneath one of the rooms. They were told that when the former owner of the property stopped using the bath, she covered it to convert the room into an office.

Mark Ronsman

“She showed us an old photo of it filled with water and people back in the day but it didn’t really give you a good feel for how the hot tub looked itself,” Mark said.

This is why the moment they moved into the house, the first thing they did was tear up the carpet in the room to see how the bath looked like.

They were pleased to see that the hot tub was still in good shape. “I was pleased to find the tile in the hot tub looks beautiful! And it’s super deep!” Mark exclaimed.

Mark Ronsman

Though the lucky homeowners found the bath amazing and felt very lucky to have it, they never really had the time to fix it up.

They have been busy with their professional and personal lives and they even have a little kid to look after.

“While it was always our intention to fix up the hot tub, it really didn’t reach the top of our ‘need’ list until the lockdown, so that’s when we kicked it up a gear in terms of restoration efforts,” explained Mark.

They wanted to make good use of their time at home so they started to work on the bath to make it run again.

Mark Ronsman

They had the hot tub checked by a pool technician and when they got the green light, they eagerly cleaned the tiles and pipes and filled them up. They also planned to change at least one of the water pumps to make the bath energy-efficient.

Mark said that their Roman hot tub should be ready to use in the next two to four weeks.

The couple was also thankful for the old lady who took such great care of the house, including the hidden bath. Now, they have something so beautiful to treasure and be proud of.

Mark Ronsman

Mark and Jenny are truly an amazing couple and homeowners. Jenny is a college professor and Mark is an IT systems technician and they are blessed with a 5-year-old daughter.

The agent of the house told them before that the former owner always wanted to sell the house to a nice family. “Our in-laws live across our backyard, the street over, and the former owner just loved that, and how close it would make our family,” Mark said.

Mark Ronsman

Apparently, the former owner’s wish came true seeing how hard the couple is working on the maintenance of the house.

They didn’t forget the hidden bathtub and decided to give it a new life, even it took them three years.

Mark Ronsman

It’s so amazing how productive people can be when they have a lot more free time on their hands.

We hope that after this crisis, even without a lockdown, people will continue to be productive and always spend quality time with their families.