Guilty toddler covered in markers adorably talks his way out of trouble in hilarious home video

You take your eye off your children for a second, and the next thing you know, they’ve managed to get themselves into some crazy shenanigans.

I’m sure this is an all too familiar scenario in most households. And while most kids would cry or admit they’re wrong when caught in the act, the brazen ones would try to talk their way out of trouble.

And it seems like no one does the latter quite like this little boy.

LaTasha Dove holding her sonFinn Dove

LaTasha McClendon-Dove was just cleaning her son Finn’s room when she noticed something odd – the three toddlers in her living room have gone a bit quiet.

Although silence is sometimes a welcome reprieve, all parents know that’s not something to rejoice about when it comes to little children. When kids are quiet, it could only mean one thing: they’re doing something naughty!

LaTasha’s suspicions were confirmed when she came out to the living room.

There, Finn and his two pals all stood with guilty looks on their faces. And the evidence of the “crime” was right in front of LaTasha’s face: their little bodies were full of markers.

Toddlers who have written all over themselves using markers

“No one warned me how mischievous toddlers are,” LaTasha wrote in a Facebook post sharing the hilarious incident.

“Of course, if they get quiet you get concerned but I was certain from all the giggling they were doing that they were just happily playing with toys while I cleaned Finn’s room from the triple toddler tornado that had just came through.”

LaTasha asks them why they’ve written all over themselves, and Finn—who was the obvious “commander-in-chief” of the trio—had his explanation ready.

“We were trying to be bad guys and we are soowy,” he responded with feigned sadness.

Finn then asks his mom if she was mad.

“I’m pretty upset,” LaTasha responds.

“Maybe we can think about what we have done?” Finn quips, already giving his mom an idea for their “punishment.” This kid is really a step ahead of everybody!

Toddlers who have written all over themselves using markers

But, of course, his mom was smarter than that.

“You think thinking about what you’ve done is gonna take away the marker all over your chest?” she said.

“If we take a bath it will,” Finn responds.

LaTasha then tells them they’re never allowed to use a marker again.

The kid adorably answers, “But I need to draw.”

When LaTasha said they should try paper next time, Finn—like the true southerner he is, gives up and responds with a cute “Yes ma’am.”

LaTasha Dove, Chris Dove, and Finn Dove

In the video, LaTasha sounded like she was about to snap, but the truth was she was only trying to hold in her giggles.

“Never a dull moment with these babies and I love it!” she wrote in the post.

Chris Dove, LaTasha’s husband, uploaded the video of the funny moment on YouTube. Here are some of the people’s reactions.

“Oh, this is too adorable! one silent, one advocate, and one in deep prayer,” one commented.

“The one without a shirt on, doing the talking is probably going to grow up to be a lawyer. He can think on his feet pretty well and he has a pretty valid defense for a toddler,” another said.

With his humble attitude and quick-thinking, this smart little guy will surely go places!

Watch the adorable video below and share this cute story with your friends and family.

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