3 Replies to “‘Hey my bro, can I have money for food and clothes?’ I decided to respond. ‘How about I take you out to lunch?’”

  1. I agree that banks, especially these days, need to be more caring of their less able account holders. I’m so very glad to read this wonderful story and pray it will encourage many to BE KIND AND HELP WHERE THEY CAN. God bless you, Jack, and thank you for letting me enjoy your loving nature. Sending hugs from Trail BC Canada.

  2. I made this comment on my facebook page.
    Quite moving and inspiring and points up how unscrupulous many business can be. Some places have outlawed negative-response marketing but the people who would use it have found innovative and insidious ways to get round these things.
    As for preying on the unsuspecting, naive and learning impaired that is shocking. And the banks are complicit by their indifference. It should be incumbent on the BANKS to ensure the circumstances of their clients are CLEARLY UNDERSTOOD and people, such as the man in this story, should have their accounts flagged to ensure that these kind of rip-offs cannot happen. My bank kept sending me surveys about WHAT CAN WE DO TO HELP YOU / SERVE YOU. Well, here is a case where the banks can get off their fatcat arses and actually take a proactive role in CARING for the more vulnerable in the community they profess to SERVE.

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