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A mother’s sacrifice: Pregnant mom who pushed kids out of way as she was hit by car honored at Indy 500

People often say that a mother’s sacrifice and love is one of the most powerful things in the world. It is something that knows no limits and can get through anything. The fact that a mother is ready to give up her own life for her children is a powerful example of this kind of love.

There are many manifestations of this selflessness, but arguably the most striking is when a mother risks her own life to protect her children.

A mother’s sacrifice; this is what a then-pregnant Bailey Rogers did to save her children when she pushed them out of the way and let herself get hit by a car instead.

The horrifying incident where Baily showed an incredible mother’s sacrifice happened last year when Bailey and her children attended the Indie 500 on the Fourth of July, according to Live Action.

The Indianapolis 500, held at the renowned Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS) in Speedway, Indiana, is an annual automobile race that captivates racing enthusiasts worldwide. While officially named the Indianapolis 500-Mile Race, it is widely recognized as the Indy 500.

Traditionally taking place on the last weekend of May, coinciding with Memorial Day, this prestigious event is the pinnacle of American open-wheel car racing, commonly called “Indy car racing.” The Indy 500 showcases a distinctive racing format that differentiates it from other sports competitions.

“Honestly, don’t really know how it happened, what happened,” Bailey said in an interview. “I just saw a car coming at my kids, and I pushed them out of the way and got taken under the car.”

Bailey was trapped beneath a vehicle during the accident after saving her two children. However, she feared that the baby inside her tummy had died.

Recalling the terrifying moments, she said, “I’m pretty sure my baby’s dead.” However, her memory fades until she regains consciousness in an Indianapolis hospital, unaware of the events that transpired in between.

Bailey underwent an emergency cesarean section at IU Union Hospital in Terre Haute to save her unborn baby’s life. Following the procedure, she was airlifted via LifeLine to IU Methodist Hospital and began the arduous recovery process.

The extent of her injuries was severe, with her femur snapped in two, a dislocated hip, and shattered pelvic bones. Yet, against all odds, both Bailey and her baby defied the odds and survived.

Doctors attributed Bailey’s survival to her pregnancy, noting that the added durability of bones during pregnancy played a crucial role in her ability to withstand such traumatic injuries.

Her story of a mother’s sacrifice is a powerful reminder of the strength within every mother in the face of life’s most significant challenges.

A year after the tragedy, Bailey’s remarkable progress astounds those who have witnessed her recovery.

Jennifer Mink, a registered nurse at IU Methodist, expresses her awe, saying, “To know what she’s been through and to see how well she’s doing now, it blows me away, but it doesn’t surprise me.”

“Every member of our team that took care of Bailey, from door to door, and into the clinic, it took all of us to get to this day, and it took an amazing person to push through all of it,” trauma surgeon Rachel Rodriguez said.

Bailey’s ability to walk again is a testament to her determination and unwavering spirit.

Above all, Bailey attributes her survival and newfound hope to her baby girl, Rayleigh, whom she affectionately calls her “miracle baby.”

She believes their mutual strength and resilience kept them alive throughout the ordeal.

Bailey received special recognition at the Indie 500 event in May of this year. She was given the honor of waving the green flag, symbolically marking the race’s official start.

“I could’ve been not alive, but I’m here now, and I’m telling my story and telling people, ‘Don’t ever give up,'” Bailey said.

Watch Bailey’s amazing story of a mother’s sacrifice below:

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