Hero dog stands on guard protecting his young lost owner until the rescuers arrive

A pit bull is hailed as a “hero dog” when he guarded his young lost owner until the rescuers showed up.

The loyalty of Buddy the pit bull was tested when his little owner got lost in the woods. Not only did he stand by the boy’s side the whole time but he also made sure he was safe and well-guarded.

Suwanee County Sheriff’s Office

According to the police department, the little boy’s mother called 911 and reported the disappearance of her child. She told them that her son was only playing outside but later went missing with their dog Buddy. The police immediately started the search with a K9 unit from Suwannee Correctional Institutional.

The three-year-old boy was lucky that he didn’t get lost alone. His loyal dog was there for him to protect him and keep him calm. In fact, when a child’s neighbour found him in the woods, Buddy was very protective and wouldn’t let anyone come near the child.

Because of Buddy’s overprotectiveness, the neighbor failed to take the child to his family. He thought he would just call the police and tell them he had found the child. After getting the call, the rescuers went straight to the woods where Buddy and the little boy were.

Suwanee County Sheriff’s Office

When the rescuers arrived, Buddy led them to the little boy, as seen in a footage taken by WCTV Eyewitness News. Seeing the men were in uniform, Buddy knew they could be trusted and would help his little owner.

Sheriff Sam St. John said that the story could have been a tragic one but it was so nice to watch that it led to a happy ending. “We’re all the time putting out tragic news. I’m telling you, it feels so good, so good to tell a good story,” he said.

The Suwannee County Sherriff’s office also expressed their happiness on social media, thanking Buddy and the attentive neighbor for helping them reunite the little boy with his family. They were happy that the child was not hurt and his family was doing great.

The rescuers found the lost toddler
Suwanee County Sheriff’s Office

The social media post quickly garnered thousands of shares and various positive comments from people. They were all praises to Buddy who had been very loyal to his little owner.

One commenter wrote, “He looks like a pittie mix and that breed is awesome with kids. Very protective. Anyway, I’m so glad this story has such a happy ending. Bless the pup’s heart for keeping that baby safe.”

Apart from commenting on the good qualities of pit bulls, some people also shared their happy memories with their dogs, which they also called “pitties.”

Truly, dogs are humans’ amazing buddies. In times of struggles and disasters, they will protect humans with their lives and show them how loyal a man’s best friend can be.

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