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Hero dog saves abandoned baby’s life after leading a passing motorist to its location

Not all heroes wear capes. Sometimes, they come as someone we often encounter every day.

On Christmas Eve, Junrell Fuentes Revilla was riding his motorcycle through the mountains of Sibonga in Cebu, Philippines, when a dog started running after him.

Junrell, 36, initially ignored the canine, but when it wouldn’t stop barking at him, the man figured it was trying to tell him something. So, the biker stopped his motorcycle and approached the agitated pup.

The dog then led him to a grassy patch, and Junrell’s suspicions were confirmed. There, on the ground, was a baby boy wrapped in a brown towel.

“The location where the baby was found is isolated since it’s on the top of the mountain,” Gea Ybarita of rescue organization Hope for Strays told The Dodo.

Junrell took the newborn—who still had his umbilical cord attached—and rushed him to the nearest hospital. The Department of Social Welfare and the police department’s Women and Children’s Protection Desk also got involved.

Thanks to this dog and Junrell, the infant was found safe and in good health.

The story of the stray’s actions made the local news, and volunteers from Hope for Strays went up the mountains to find the heroic dog and help him. Instead, what they found was Lyndon Olingay, who claimed that the dog was his.

“He showed us the way to his home and to our surprise, Blacky was there with three other dogs,” Gea recalled. “We’ve confirmed he is not a stray at all.”

The team was relieved to know that 18-month old Blacky belonged to a loving home. However, it was clear that his family—who had a total of 10 dogs at home—needed help.

“No matter how hard life is, even though I’m poor, I feed all of my dogs and take care of them well,” Lyndon told the rescue workers.

The PAWSsion Project, another rescue group, organized a fundraiser for the Olingays, and it turned out to be a huge success.

With the donations collected, the two non-profit organizations gave the family Php10,000 ($210) worth of groceries, two sacks of rice, Php5,000 ($105) worth of pet supplies, other goodies, and Php5,000 cash.

The Olingay family was overjoyed upon seeing the heaps of groceries brought by the group.

Meanwhile, the baby boy is currently under the care of social services. They are trying to track down his parents or anybody who might know anything about the newborn.

The police have urged the public to provide any information that might help solve the case.

Like Blacky, this rescue dog from Glendale, California, also saved a life by getting the attention of a sanitation worker who came to their house.

Sandy’s owner, 88-year-old Gwendola Johnson, suffered a fall in her home after walking out her front door. The woman tripped on something and fell to the ground.

Gwendola—who lived alone—wasn’t seriously hurt, but she couldn’t get up no matter how hard she tried. Worse, her house was on a steep hill, so neighbors couldn’t see her or hear her cries for help.

Feeling helpless, she lay on the floor for an hour. Thankfully, Sandy was there to keep her company and help her stay calm.

An elderly woman on a wheelchair and her dog


Finally, sanitation workers arrived at her home to take her trash. However, they still couldn’t see her or hear her.

“When the sanitation worker walked up the driveway, Sandy saw him,” Gwendola recalled. “I said, ‘Go get him!'”

And that’s exactly what Sandy did. She approached Kirk White, one of the sanitation workers, and barked at him to no end.

Thankfully, Kirk got the message and followed the dog around the house. He then found Gwendola on the porch where she fell and helped her up.

These two stories show that dogs aren’t only our best friends; they can also be our heroes in a time of need!

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Friday 5th of March 2021

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