Here’s how Twitter users debated when asked how much meat they eat off chicken wings

Throughout the decade, we have witnessed the most controversial and mind-boggling debates on the Internet. Some tackled political issues, economic policies, and even scientific theories, but Twitter has witnessed viral feuds of even the most trivial of topics. Say, for example, the good ol’ chicken wing.

Nothing beats the satisfying sensation of crispy skin caressing your lip and the chicken wings’ sauce coating your lips. Even the neatest and most meticulous eaters find it challenging to keep their faces and fingers sauce-free as they feast in the delicious and off-the-bone goodness of the classic chicken wings.

There are plenty of ways to enjoy chicken wings. But when a twitter user posted a photo of categorizing types of chicken wing eaters went viral, thousands of people weighed their opinion. And it got as heated as your spicy buffalo wings!

Off the bone chicken wings.

Ever since the tweet was posted on Wednesday, the post has gained almost 3,000 retweets and more than 13,400 likes. However, the highlight of the viral tweet are the reactions—some are more savage than you expect.

The chart says that if you belong to the first category, you still leave most of the chicken wings’ flavorful meat and skin after munching a couple of bites. The chart goes further, showing the differences all the way to the last type—those who leave nothing but the bone.

People replied their honest answers.


It makes sense. Some might be too shy to finish off a bucket of chicken wings off the bone ravenously in public. Twitter user @Jeauxx90060381 went his way to describe each ‘tiers’.


Another user replied a witty retort, saying that people from the lower tiers should be banned from restaurants. Knowing that there’s still luscious meat waiting to be enjoyed, who could blame him?


Unsurprisingly, people from tiers 1 to 3 are getting a lot of hate for wasting good chickens. Just as you thought things were getting out of hand, more people replied where they ‘fit’ in the charts. Others even made a level above the 5th. Ultimate chicken wing champions devour all flesh off the bone, after all.

Before you sort yourself into the chart, few more people raised the ante and created the ‘god tier.’ Munched off all the flesh and sauce-covered skin while leaving bony remnants on your plate? You’re not yet there! What should be left for a true tier-6 chicken eater is the plate itself!

Of course, he’s kidding. But people who leave nothing but their plate when feasting on chicken wings surely deserve to be in the uppermost tier.

American model and television personality Chrissy Teigen also weighed in the chicken wings chart. Want to earn Chrissy’s favor? Finish those chicken wings off the bone like a legend! You wouldn’t want to be judged by Chrissy and be embarrassed in front of her, would you? In her sassy words: “Even my daughter knows better.”

Christine Teigen

Whether you take pleasure in eating chicken wings flesh off the bone, or casually relishing its savory goodness, you’re already a winner. No matter what your tier is, as long as you make the most of their finger-lickin’ goodness, no debate or chart can convince you otherwise.