Here are the most unique and hilarious student exam answers ever

If there is one thing that students do not miss in school, it is having to take and pass an examination. Often times, examinations are filled with questions that, sometimes, are too much for the students to answer. After all, having to solve and answer examinations with more than 50 items can be tiring for the brain. Plus, the pressure it comes to pass the exam sure is challenging!

But what happens if students decide to think outside the box in dealing with the test questionnaires? Instead of taking their exams way too seriously, here are 25 students who chose to be creative in coming-up with their answers. The way these students cleverly answered their test will surely loosen you up and make burst you out laughing!

[1] The student who feels for the first cells!

[2] The student with a witty suggestion!

[3] The student and his issue with giraffes!

[4] The student who has a clear insight about his future!

[5] The student who took the word ‘briefly’ to his heart!

[6]The student who got into character way too much

[7] The student who walks the talk!

[8] The student who knows what he is talking about!

[9] The student who took things literally!

[10] The student who understands how powerful love is!

[11] The student who stated an obvious truth!

[12] The student with a back-up plan!

[13] The student who got carried away with his creativity!

[14] The student who is not afraid of ghosts!

[15] The student who has figured how to deal with life!

[16] The student who has made a great discovery!

[17] The student who simply followed the instruction!

[18] The students who got it right thanks to his teacher!

[19] The student who is skeptical about his capabilities as a student!


[21] The student who missed the word ‘science!’

[22] The student whose answer makes sense!

[23] The student who is obviously a fan of Beyonce!

[24] The student who is a bookworm!

[25] The student who pointed out the obvious!

What do you think about the students’ clever answers? Do you think they deserve a credit for their creative thinking which also speaks for their intelligence? We would like to know about your opinion, share your thoughts in the comment section!

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