Heartwarming dance between a little girl and her wheelchair-bound brother moved thousands

A graduation day is a day for the students to celebrate the fruits of their labor in their academic life. Everyone knows that celebrating our accomplishments and milestones are the best when it is shared with family, friends, and loved ones.

This is exactly what this adorable little girl did when she chose to dance with her little brother who is wheelchair-bound.

The heartwarming graduation dance between a little girl and her brother, captured in a video, moved thousands of people all over the world.

The festive graduation day was held in an elementary school in Brazil. The adorable female students donned gorgeous gowns fit for a princess. While the dashing male students wore smart tuxedos.

All of the students who participated in the traditional graduation dance were given the freedom to choose who they would like to dance with. Of course, as expected, some of the students chose their parents, friends, and loved ones.

One of the students, a little girl who graduated had invited the most special boy in her life, her brother. The girl would not want to share a dance with anyone but with her disabled and wheelchair-bound little brother.

Happily, she politely started the dance by curtsying to her little brother when the music had filled the atmosphere. Despite of the challenging situation due to her brother’s condition, she and her little brother had fun and danced with grace.

The other children made way for them, giving them enough space to make sure they’d be able to dance comfortably. They twirled and swayed along with the sweet music.

The older sister did not let anything get in the way of their memorable dance, not even her dress that got caught in his wheelchair. She also made sure that her brother would feel as special as she did.

The crowd applauded and cheered for the graduates and as well as for the sweet dance shared by the siblings which pulled their heartstrings. Some were even teary-eyed upon witnessing the special moment shared by the two siblings.

After the music ended, people approached the two siblings and congratulated them.

According to their mother, the adorable little girl made it clear that she wanted her brother to be there on her graduation day. She even told her parents that if her brother won’t attend her special day, then neither would she.

This goes to show that the two children have an immense amount of unconditional love for each other.

The special moment captured in a video was posted on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media networking sites. Since the day that it was posted, it went viral and garnered more than 170,000 likes and 250,000 shares.

A lot of people from all over the world also expressed their appreciation for the strong bond between the two siblings. Some also admitted that they can’t help but cry at the beautiful sight they have witnessed and expressed it in the comment section.

True to the old saying, when a sister and a brother stand shoulder to shoulder, nothing, not even the biggest of adversity, could stand against them.

Watch the beautiful touching graduation dance shared between the lovely siblings, which inspired people across the world. May their moving bond uplift your day as much as it uplifted ours!

Photo and Video | Viral Hog

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