He asked the old man how he managed to live an honest life, his response is amazing!

Amelia E. Barr once said, “The great difference between voyages rests not with the ships, but with the people you meet on them.” True enough, when one travels, one gives himself the opportunity to meet people and engage in a meaningful conversation with them. You’d be surprised by the immense wisdom you can learn from the strangers you meet on your adventure.

Coach Brandon Lim, a life coach, story-teller, and a loudspeaker, shared one of the most enlightening conversations he had while he was exploring the beautiful streets of London.

According to coach Lim, he was wandering alone when he saw a steakhouse and decided to try one of their best-seller dishes.

Little did the life-coach knew that the steakhouse would not only satisfy his tummy but his soul as well. It was there that he met Sessay, a complete stranger.

Lim said that Sessay was the quiet looking man who was sitting next to his table. Just like him, Sessay was all by himself. The old man was eating a sirloin steak on a sizzling hot plate.

“Always salt the steak on the hot plate while it is sizzling … makes it juicier,” Sessay gave him a friendly advice after they exchanged a smile with each other.

“What do you do?” Lim asked, accepting the conversation Sessay had initiated.

“I am retired now. Spending a few months in London. I am living 5-minute walk away from the Buckingham Palace. This steak is one of my favorite places in London,” Sessay answered.

“What do you do before you retired?” According to the life-coach, he already guessed that Sessay was once a professional with a high-paying job, since it is not cheap to live nearby the Queen in London.

“My last job was the governor of the central bank in my country. I am from Sierra Leone by the way,” Sessay answered, surprising Lim.

Sessay then showed the life-coach with a 10,000 leone note and pointed to a part of the money. “This is my signature” Sessay shared with a smile.

“So you print money?” Lim asked, adding humor to the conversation.

“Not literally, but yes – that’s part of my job,” Sessay answered.

Apparently, the old man has worked in the money industry for 40 years. Just like other successful people, Sessay started his way from the bottom of the food chain.

“It is not easy to stay clean when you are dealing with so much money,” Sessay admitted.

“And how do you do it?” Coach Lim asked, curious about how the old man in front of him managed to live an honest life.

“I value my integrity more than money. And I earned enough. I am not too greedy,” Sessay said as if the answer is very simple. “Greed is the feeling of unsatisfaction after getting what you want. Dalai Lama said it is the fastest way to get to troubles.” Sessay further explained.

“Can you give me some advice?” Lim asked, hoping that Sessay’s 40 years worth of experience will be able to enlighten him. Sessay replied with 5 tips to help him live a better life.

“Plan for your retirement from your first day of work. Time flies. If you don’t save and invest – you will retire empty-handed. My children say I am thrifty and they wonder how I fund their tuition fee,” Sessay answered with a smile, giving Lim his first life advice.

“Have a good medical insurance. You don’t know when you will need it, but you will need it eventually and you don’t want to be regretful,” Sessay continued, stressing how important it is to be medically insured.

“No. 3… own a house. I mean, have a house and pay off the mortgage. You want to have your own roof when you retire.” Sessay added, explaining the importance of owning a house of your own especially when you do not have work anymore.

“When you are young…go ahead and fall in love. But marry the one who complements you. The person you marry is going to change your life…for good or for worse. So, choose wisely, “ Fourth, Sessay stressed the importance of choosing the right partner.

“How do I know that?” Lim asked, the life-coach no longer care about his steak that was getting cold.

“Share your life vision with her. I told you I wanted a nice house, right? I make sure my wife wanted the same too,” Sessay explained.

“Lastly, there is no shortcut in life. Be patient and work hard. Work very hard but enjoy it. My doctor told me not to eat steak, but I guess it is OK to break the rules once a while. What’s life without a good steak?” Sessay added, explaining that there is nothing that compares with the taste of the fruit of a hard-earned labor.

“Young man, keep this note as a souvenir and I wish you good luck,” Sessay said, offering the 10,000 Leone note as a gift to Lim.

Although a stranger, Sessay’s teaching will surely help, not only coach Lim, but other people as well in managing their life. The five tips he had given Lim seem to be very important if one desires to live a meaningful and happier life. After all, his five tips did not bring any harm to his own life and there is nothing to lose if one will choose to follow it.

Did you find Sessay’s words of wisdom, enlightening and helpful? Share your thoughts below the comment section!

Photos | Coach Brandon Lim

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