Happy puppy can’t stop wagging her tail when she finally leaves shelter

Once you see Matilda, you could tell immediately that she is one happy puppy. But despite her sunny personality, Matilda’s life hasn’t always been easy.

Matilda was found roaming the streets alone when she was just a few months old. Her skin was badly irritated and she had a serious case of worms. Thankfully, someone found her and took her to the Douglas County Animal Shelter in Georgia.

There, the pooch received treatment for her skin condition and worms. She was also provided with food, a warm bed, and lots of love and care from the people in the shelter.

happy puppy

It didn’t take long before the staff were captivated by Matilda’s charms – the dog had a loving nature, which made it easier for her carers to give her back that love and so much more.

Shelter volunteer Santina Sanders told The Dodo:

“She gave the most sweetest kisses. She was the cutest thing ever.”

But aside from her sweet nature, there was something else about Matilda that sets her apart from her peers – her wagging tail!

Now that she’s in good hands, it looks like Matilda feels very safe and happy. And the staff could tell because her tail wags so vigorously – they say they’ve never seen anything like it before!

Pibbles & More Animal Rescue learned of Matilda’s story and decided to pick her up from the shelter to help her find a foster home.

“I just absolutely LOVE this girl!!! Matilda is about 2 months old, stinking cute, and is a happy, happy girl. She almost has a smiling face. Just adorable!” Santina Sanders of Pibbles & More Animal Rescue wrote on Facebook.

Living in a foster home would help Matilda get adjusted to home life before she finds someone who would adopt her permanently.

And that lucky foster fur-mom is Kerrie Rich.

Teresa Bowles-Chiofalo was the one who picked up Matilda from the shelter, and the look on her face says it all – the happy puppy just couldn’t stop smiling! And of course, her tail was wagging vigorously all throughout their journey to her forever home.


“Wagged the [whole] 1.5-hour ride,” Teresa told The Dodo.

happy puppy

Once she got into Kerrie’s house, Matilda only needed only a few days to adjust into her home. The pup just became sweeter and more charming than ever.

Matilda’s favorite things to do are giving kisses, playing with her toys and the other foster dogs in Kerrie’s house. She has an adorable little bark that she uses to call her mom’s attention and she “bounces like a bunny” when she’s happy.


“She wags her tail so hard that she walks crooked,” Kerrie said. “She’s hilarious and I wish I could video everything. But as soon as I pick up my phone, she runs right at me!”

Matilda still has to wait for a few weeks before she’s completely healed so she could go up for adoption. Kerrie, of course, isn’t looking forward to that day, but she understands that it’s all for the best.

“Once one pup is adopted, it opens a space at my house to save another, which opens another spot at the shelter,” she said.

But for sure, Kerrie will always remember the special moments she shared with this eternally happy puppy. Watch the video below: