You can get your handwritten family recipes made into beautiful keepsakes

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Running out of ideas on what to cook for your next meal? Thankfully, the solution to this dilemma is easy now that we have the internet. Gone are the days when we had to rely on huge hardbound cookbooks to get a complete list of ingredients.

Today, it only takes a few clicks for you to begin whipping up something delicious in the kitchen!

While the internet has become a seemingly endless resource for home cooks to discover new recipes from, there is still something special about the classics – the family recipes that bring back memories of your childhood.

It could be your grandmother’s sumptuous pot roast, your mom’s chewy chocolate chip cookies, or your dad’s chicken barbeque. Most of the time, these recipes passed down over generations were handwritten on a piece of paper that we wish we could keep forever.

Etsy | LaserFocusedCrafts

Modern-day artists have found a way for us to do just that. They take these handwritten recipes and transform them into customized kitchen tools that serve both as a functional piece of item and something that reveals a little bit about the family’s culinary history.

One store that can do something like this is an Etsy shop called LaserFocusedCrafts. They let you upload a family recipe and the artist will produce a cutting board engraved with it. You may get any text laser-engraved on a bamboo board or cherry paddle for $30 and above.

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Wooden cutting boards can already add a rustic vibe to your kitchen, but with the engraving added to it, you’d surely want to just leave it on display! This is the perfect option for you if you want a long-lasting keepsake of your loved one’s secret recipe, but there are other similar versions of this as well.

The Etsy shop Nestingproject can print family recipes on tea towels starting at $18. EmmaAndTheBeanHOME can also print recipes on a dish towel, which will make it easier for you to access it whenever you decide to cook the recipe yourself.

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Starting at $66, the Etsy shop zehrdesignco can print handwritten recipes on customized decorative plates. Any family member who will receive this as a gift would surely appreciate it!

You can also have a recipe printed on a potholder courtesy of BmoreCreative410 for just $25. If you’d like to print recipes into something that you can wear, the shop zoesattic can do this for you for $40.50.

These are such creative and thoughtful ways to preserve a family keepsake!

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