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Guy Fieri cooks for firefighters and first responders battling wild fires

Woolsey fire is now the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in the history of California. Hundreds of homes and buildings were destroyed, a number of people were killed, some are still missing, and thousands were evacuated.

Firefighters risked their lives as they rescue people who were trapped in their homes, in their cars, or in the middle of nowhere surrounded by intense flames.

These rescuers, along with military and police officers, and other first-responders will always be the heroes of this tough and painful time for the California residents. This situation paved the way for Guy Fieri to reach out through the one thing that’s he’s passionate about– cooking a hearty meal.

Guy Fieri is a chef, restaurateur, author, and award-winning TV personality. He is well-known for his impeccable cooking skills, but apart from that, he also has a good-natured personality who never fails to use his skills and talents for those who are in need.

Learning about the news on California wildfire, he contacted his friends, industry connections, and gathered them together with his son Hunter, to volunteer. He felt bad not only for the victims, but also concern for the rescuers who braved this dangerous situation to save the lives of others.

Guy Fieri shared his admiration for the firefighters on Twitter:

In today’s tumultuous world, it’s amazing to see our fire fighters, military, law enforcement and first responders come together to rescue our communities devastated by fire. So many great people stepping up to take care of one another.

His way of helping is by throwing a surprise feast of sumptuous meals, and this is not the first time he volunteered in feeding disaster victims. He served his signature dish pulled pork, together with other traditional American food.

Guy Fieri cooks for firefighters.

I’m not promoting anything. I’m just here cooking. This is feeding people. People need help, and I’m here to help. That’s it.”, Guy Fieri added further on Twitter.

Officers of the Butte County Sheriff  were grateful for Mr. Fieri and his team’s kindness, and tweeted their utmost admiration with photos below:

Members of the law enforcement posing with the kind chef and they were a bit star struck… actually they are the REAL stars of the moment.

Guy Fieri cooks for firefighters.

Guy Fieri’s awesome team happily serving officers and firefighters. They deserved to be treated like kings even if they don’t ask for it.

“Guy Fieri made a surprise visit to serve dinner to everyone at the law enforcement staging area at Butte College. Thank you so much Guy for filling our bellies and lifting our spirits.” — from the official Twitter account of Butte County Sheriff

Guy Fieri cooks for firefighters.

Fieri was hoping that what they did for the heroes of California wildfire will serve as an inspiration to others, particularly his children. He told Refinery29 that it’s an example he set for his sons.

“In these times that we’re facing as a country, it’s so trying. But that’s the example I set for my sons: You stand up; you face it; and you go after it. You don’t back down from it.”

Please share this story as a way of thanking Guy Fiery and his team of volunteers, to honor the rescuers, and inspire others that they can also help in any way– using their skills and talents!

Watch Guy Fieri’s act of kindness covered by the news media:

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