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Grown-up children asked their parents to pay their bills and the replies are hilarious!

Maintaining a place of our own, paying for our own bills, keeping up with a job to sustain our needs, all of these are part of being an adult.

If asked about their favorite childhood memory, I bet most adults would answer with ‘not paying bills.’ And as ridiculous as it sounds, it sure is nice to have a break from ‘adulting’ even for just a day.

In connection with this seemingly silly wish, a thread started by a woman from New Zealand has become viral.

The woman posted her goofy idea on her Facebook account, asking fellow Netizens to post their conversation with their parents, asking them to pay their bills because they didn’t ask to be born.

In just a few minutes, a number of amusing and entertaining conversations were posted on Facebook and Twitter in response to the woman’s idea.

How the parents handled the intriguing demand of their grown-up children will surely paint a smile on your face!

Here are some of the golden exchange of messages that will brighten your day:

[1] The dad’s response that may have left his child laughing and crying at the same time!

[2] The mother who found a loophole to stop the bills from coming!

[3] The mom who set the record straight!

[4] The mama who had a better idea!

[5] The cool dad and his golden meme!

[6] The mother who saw things with a clearer mind!

[7] The mom who is not having any of this ridiculous idea!

[8] The dad with a better solution!

[9] The dad who took it seriously!

[10] The mom who welcomed her daughter in 'adulting' world!

[11] The mommy who made things clear!

[12] The momma and her impossible condition!

[13] The parent who blamed the smoke! 

[14] The mama we can all relate with!

Curious about how your parents will reply with the same suggestive inquiry? Why don’t you give them a quick message to find out! You can also share their amusing response down in the comment section to make someone smile!

Images collected from social media posts on Facebook and Twitter

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.