70-year-old Pokemon hunting grandpa uses 11 mobile phones

When Pokemon Go was launched in year 2016, a lot of Pokemon fans with their mobile phones went to the streets hoping to catch rare Pokemons. One of its millions of players all over the world is the 70-year-old Chen San-yuan of Taiwan.

It sure is amazing to know that for his age, he is engrossed in a hobby that is commonly enjoyed by the younger generation. However, his age is not the only impressive thing about his hobby of catching Pokemons!

Thanks to his grandson who influenced him to play Pokemon Go, since 2016, Chen uses 11 mobile phones in order to catch as many pocket monsters as he could. For 6 times a week, Chen or Uncle Pokemon, mounts at least 9 of his 11 mobile phones on his bike. Then, he will spend at least 20 hours roaming around their city parks in order to catch the virtual monsters he is very fond of.

If you are wondering how Uncle Pokemon could roam around the streets for 20-hours without draining his phone’s batteries , well the answer lies within the three handy powerbanks he brings with his Pokemon hunting sprees.

Every time Uncle Pokemon roams the street to catch Pokemons, he brings 9 smartphones with each accounts over level 30!

According to Chen, or Uncle Pokemon, he is aiming to increase his 11 smartphones to 15.  Since Chen prefers to play by paying to win or P2W, this means that his bill of $1,500 a month will increase as well.

His shocking Pokemon Go monthly bill is due to the fact that he prefers P2W rather than attacking gyms to gain Pokemon. As per Chen, he wouldn’t want to make anyone sad, so he opted for P2W instead.

For some, playing Pokemon Go for 20-hours may seem unhealthy for a 70-year-old man. But for Chen, he believes that playing Pokemon Go for 6 times a week keeps his spirits up and prevents him from having an Alzheimer’s disease.

For Chen, Pokemon Go is more than just an addictive mobile game. For him, it is an innovative and enjoyable mobile game that encourages people to make friends with other players as they go out to the streets in order to catch the Pokemons!

Chen’s inspiring story reminds us that there is no such thing as ‘too late.’ With an open mind and a resilient heart, one can pursue a new hobby and interest.

Furthermore, with a new-found interest that keeps your heart young and full of happiness, every day is an exciting day!

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