This grandpa built an entire theme park in his spare time over forty years

Recreational park has been around for ages. And theme parks have always been a popular attraction for kids and adults. From water parks to exciting rides boasting unique themes, there sure is a recreational park for each and everyone!

But one recreational theme park hidden inside the forest of Nervesa Della Battaglia in Italy let people experience a one-of-a-kind thrilling adventure. Looking at its roller coaster, slides, and other exciting rides, one might think that it is the product of a big corporation. But the truth is, the environment friendly theme park that consumes zero electricity is the genius work made by the hands of an Italian man – Bruno Ferrin!


The breathtaking ecological theme park sitting in the middle of the woods is created by Bruno, the owner of Ai Pioppi, a restaurant. While the restaurant serves good and delicious food, it is famous for the homemade rides which Bruno built during his spare time for the past 40 years.

In an attempt to attract more customers, Bruno started building hand-operated rides in the forested area near his restaurant. Now, his restaurant can accommodate 500 customers and his theme park is boasting nearly 50 rides!


But what really inspired Bruno to build electric-free rides was his encounter with a blacksmith he asked for help. As revealed by the imaginative man, he needed four hooks to join chairs however, the blacksmith he consulted had too much on his hands.

“I’ll always remember him, I’d like to make a monument to him. I went to the shop and asked if he could make four hooks. Do you know what he said?” Bruno asked, starting to reveal what motivated him to build his ecological theme park.

‘”I don’t have time for these kind of things. If you know how to weld, the machine is over there. Do it yourself.'” The Blacksmith reportedly told Bruno.


Being a good listener, Bruno enrolled himself to workshops and started learning how to weld. Fascinated by the magic of welding, Bruno started building small rides and the rest was history.

“It’s funny because I didn’t expect it. I didn’t imagine it would be such a great success.” Bruno shared, surprised by the great success of  what started as his marketing strategy.

Bruno’s work of art is so stunning that people started calling him as the Leonardo Da Vinci of his generation.

“No I don’t think of myself as Leonardo Da Vinci.” Bruno humbly disagreed. For the old man behind the ecological theme park, he is a simple man who enjoys observing the movements of nature and incorporating it to his masterpiece.


Despite the popularity of his theme park, it still remains open for everyone without any charge at all. Thus, his electric-theme park is patronized by people of all ages! Filling the forest with laughter and good memories!

“The park attracts so many visitors, because it’s different from anything they’re used to. Besides, it’s free! They come here, they save money… It’s like a fair.” Bruno happily shared.

Bruno’s fairy-like theme park sitting in the middle of the woods became viral when it was posted on the Facebook page of Local Heroes. The video boasting more than 14 million views and 140,000 shares won the hearts of people across continents!


“Bruno definitely has a real gift of imagination that few people in this world have. He really is very talent!” A Facebook user said, praising Bruno’s talent and skills.

“This is awesome and beautiful. It feels very special!” Another Facebook user said, expressing how unique Bruno’s theme park is.

“This would be fabulous even today!!!” Another Facebook user said, sharing his desire to try-out the rides if given the opportunity.


WATCH and SHARE the awesome video below and prepare to be taken in awe by Bruno’s masterpiece! His dedication in building his ecological theme park will surely remind you that no dream is impossible to achieve!

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