Grandma tried to return Nintendo Switches mistakenly delivered to her, so Target decided to gift them back

After mistakenly receiving a valuable package—six Nintendo Switch consoles, to be specific—an Arizona grandmother didn’t have it in her heart to keep them.

Deborah Lewis of Ahwatukee, Phoenix, has eight grandchildren, and she was sure each of them would love to receive a Nintendo Switch for Christmas, but she knew that wasn’t the right thing to do. So, she tried to return the shipment to Target by calling the store and UPS.

Deborah Lewis sitting in a couch at her home

The Nintendo Switch consoles were sent to her home as part of a larger delivery, but Lewis, 68, didn’t order them. In fact, she didn’t even know what they were, but a quick Google search revealed they were “a hot commodity and quite pricey.”

Lewis regularly receives packages at her door, but they contain her medical supplies.

It took Lewis and her caregiver a few tries to find the rightful owner, and their efforts of returning the gadgets had paid off. Target employees named Trent and Allison were scheduled to pick up the Nintendo Switches at her home.

A box containing six Nintendo Switch consoles

But Target wanted to reward the grandma’s honesty, so they hatched a different plan.

“On behalf of Target and your local Target store right up the street, we want to give these to you to give to your grandchildren or whoever you want,” Trent told Lewis.

“Wait, are you serious?” she exclaimed. “You have no idea what I’ve been going through. This is unbelievable.”

Two Target employees named Trent and Allison speaking to Deborah Lewis inside her home

The latter was utterly shocked and said that it’s “so amazing” and that she never had “anything like this happen.”

“I feel like I’m dreaming. I wasn’t looking for anything,” Lewis said tearfully.

“From the bottom of our hearts, Target is so proud to do this for you, and we want to say thank you,” the employees said. “You have a new bestie. I’m your new best friend. I just cannot believe it.”

Deborah Lewis hugging Trent, a Target employee

This is such a sweet gesture for a woman who just wanted to do the right thing. Honestly, Lewis said she had also wanted to get the packages out from under her tree. She was getting tired of people asking her to send them one, so she was looking to get them out of her home.

“And for you to do this, thank you. My heart feels so warm right now. I’m coming in for another hug. You’re wonderful. thank you so much,” Lewis told the workers.

Turns out, there were two shipping labels on the package; the delivery driver just happened to drop it at Lewis’s home instead of the Target store.

Without a doubt, Lewis’s grandchildren in Chicago will receive the consoles, but she will be making sure to double-check the shipping label and send it to them with love.

Deborah Lewis surrounded with the six Nintendo Switch consoles that Target had given her

UPS has some tips about tracking your package this busy holiday season:

  1. Jot down the tracking number.
  2. Know which company is shipping your package.
  3. Make sure the recipient and the return address are correct.
  4. UPS offers additional securities such as UPS: My Choice and UPS: Access Point Network.

Watch the sweet grandma’s reaction to Target’s surprise in the video below.

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