Grandma learns her grandson is saving up to buy a pup, surprises him with a gift he will cherish forever

No matter how big or small, we appreciate every gift we receive from our loved ones. After all, it’s the thought that counts, right?

Knowing that they took the time to look for that present and buy it for us is already deserving of our gratitude.

However, there’s nothing like the feeling of getting something we’ve been wanting to have for so long. That is precisely what happened to this young boy from Springfield, Illinois.

Xander with closed eyes waiting for his surprise.

Xander Mellor is just like your typical six-year-old boy. He is playful, curious, and full of energy. But one thing that separates him from most kids is his dedication. The boy had been saving every penny he was getting to buy himself a puppy.

Whenever his mom Natalie Ellenburg would get home from work, he would politely ask her if she had any spare change. She’ll give her son whatever coins she had on her, and the boy would diligently put in his savings jar.

Xander even kept himself from spending on other things he loves, like goodies and sweets, because he desperately wanted to get that puppy as soon as possible.

When his grandparents heard about this, they decided to surprise their little boy with a gift he will cherish forever. Thankfully, Natalie captured the touching moment Xander got his present for all of us to see!

The little boy's face starts to change as soon as he realized what he was getting.

The home video starts with Natalie and Xander standing at the back door looking out into their garden. The boy then steps outside and walks to their driveway as his mom told him to “go look.” He stands by the door of his grandparents’ car and waits for his grandma to get out. Natalie then tells him to hold out his hands and keep his eyes shut.

“Okay, I’m not going to move,” he responded, getting out of the way of the car door as it opened.

His grandmother then adjusts his hands and places a cute black and brown puppy in his arms! Xander finally opened his eyes and looked down at his new furry pet in astonishment. He smiles and looks up at his mom, who asked him, “What do you think?”

Xander overwhelmed with emotions while holding the puppy.

Just as he began to say that he loves it, the boy burst into tears while holding the pup close to his chest. His family then begins to comfort him, which is the scene where the video ended.

Natalie saw how dedicated Xander was to buy a pup for himself. She said he had been saving every spare change he got for a year and a half hoping to afford a puppy.

“Whenever I got back from work, I’d empty my pockets and give him all the change left from the day,” she recalled. “However, he did not know he was going to get his puppy so soon as I’d told him we needed to fill one more jar.”

Xancer crying with happiness because of the best surprise ever.

Natalie said this is the first puppy their family has ever had. They named him Marshmallow or Mello for short.

As expected, Xander and Mello became inseparable best friends. Surely, this duo will share many great memories and go on fun adventures as they grow up together!

This story may have happened in 2019, but it still tugs at our heartstrings to this day. Click HERE to watch how Xander reacted to getting a puppy.

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