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Grandma can’t stop laughing as granddaughter transforms her hair with rainbow dye hair coloring

Hair coloring is a fun way to spruce up a person’s hairstyle. It can also add more brightness to one’s personality and boost their confidence.

These benefits are exactly what one grandmother is currently reaping. With the help of her granddaughter, who is a hair stylist, she was able to experiment with her hair and achieve a stunning result.

Just recently, a video of a woman coloring her Grandma’s hair made rounds on TikTok and amazed a lot of viewers.

In the video, a woman can be seen dyeing the hair of an elderly – but not with only one color. It was a mishmash of different shades such as dark blue, light blue, green, and pink.

The woman started to dye her grandma’s hair with a brush, teasing her. “It is called an acid spill,” she said and her grandma happily answered, “Ok, so glad to know that.”

The grandma couldn’t help but laugh out loud when she saw the first color that was painted on her hair. She kept laughing throughout the video as her granddaughter put all the colors on her hair.

“Isn’t that purty?” Grandma said, which filled the room with laughter. She said she was going to look like an Easter egg and went on laughing.

When the hair coloring was done, she laughed hard at herself in the mirror. She might have thought the whole idea of having rainbow-colored hair was ridiculous but it was apparent from her smile that she loved the result. Thanks to her talented granddaughter, she now has something new to be happy about.

Grandma’s hilarious reaction to the dyeing process brought a lot of good vibes to TikTok. It garnered over 5.8 million views and more than 760,000 likes on the popular social media app.

Over seven thousand people left positive comments on the hairstylist’s video, where they expressed their joy and fondness for the funny grandma.

A lot of the commenters said Grandma made their day because of her contagious laugh while some focused on how beautiful and gorgeous she is with her new hair color.

One of the commenters, Lonna Bonna wrote, “This seems like something she’s always wanted to do! How fun for her.” Others said she is precious and amazing and they would want her as their grandmother.

While others kept admiring Grandma’s looks and hilariousness, one commenter was more focused on her cheerful attitude despite her age.

“I love grandmas. When they are mothers, they are strict about all that. But once they hit a certain age, they revert back to being carefree women. I love it,” he wrote.

Her granddaughter, @thecolourchemist, recently joined an online hair coloring contest where she used her Grandma’s hair color as her work entry.

She shared that she made it to the semi-finals and posted a video of her Grandma’s reaction. As usual, her Grandma was all smiles and happy about her granddaughter’s achievement.

All the good comments about Grandma showed in the video. Her laughter and joyfulness speak of how positive she is and how much she is enjoying her life.

Though a lot of celebrities and personalities have had a rainbow hair color before, Grandma’s version is still exceptional. At her age, it takes a lot of courage to do something unusual but she bravely took the challenge and just laughed about it.

Her story can be an inspiration for other elderlies to enjoy life more and try unusual but fun things. It can be a new hair color, a trendy outfit, an exciting activity, or anything that will make their creative juices flow and give them satisfaction.

Like Grandma, may all elderlies in the world get all the love and happiness they deserve.

Watch Grandma’s hilarious reaction in the video below:

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.